Do I Really Need To Get 2003 Microsoft Office

2003 Microsoft Office, like earlier versions of Microsoft Office, is a package of software programs designed for various office work activities.  2003 Microsoft Office comprises the programs Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Visio, PowerPoint, InfoPath, FrontPage, Project, Publisher, and Live Meeting. 

Each of these programs is sold as a separate software product, but the 2003 Microsoft Office combines them all together under a sort of bulk rate price tag. 

The 2003 Microsoft Office package boasts a more complete package than any of the previous versions, offering more programs, and the most up to date versions of the software available. 

Of course, the older versions of the Office package are still perfectly good.  I’m still using the 2000 addition, and am perfectly happy with it.  It’s easy to get sucked into the hype over the 2003 Office deal only to discover that you didn’t really need the ‘improvements’.  Microsoft, like all software companies, is update crazy. 

Newer versions of their programs represent an entire new product line for a minimal cost to them, and are often basically the same thing as the older version. 

The Microsoft Office concept is a huge success for the software giant.  Just about every major business has a copy of 2003 Microsoft Office or some earlier version installed on all their employee’s computers.  Using the 2003 Microsoft Office programs you can do just about anything including writing form letters, tracking data, creating visual presentations, sending emails, creating graphical designs, combining text and graphical images, and arranging online meetings. 

Personally, the only programs I ever use are Excel, Word, and occasionally PowerPoint.  These three programs are a must have for anyone that does any kind of work involving presentations, writing, and organizing data.  For these three programs alone, I think the 2003 Microsoft Office package is a good deal. 

Even if you don’t work with computers, Excel and Word are vital programs for personal use, making letter writing and tracking your finances much easier. 

If you don’t have any Microsoft Office versions, and don’t even have Word, or Excel, I highly recommend picking up 2003 Microsoft Office.  You can buy it online from just about anyone, and any stores that carry computer software will have it as well.  If you already have an older Office version, you probably don’t really need to get 2003 Microsoft Office unless you do a lot of office work and are interested in the new programs that come with the package.

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Streamline Your Business With Inventory Management Systems

Computer programmers have a lot of employment opportunities before them. One such opportunity lays in inventory management systems. This field can make a lucrative career for any dedicated computer programmer who has the ability to write excellent programs and who has the ability to provide technical support when needed.

Inventory management systems are the backbone for many businesses across the country. Without the ability to track inventory adequately, quickly and efficiently a company stands to lose thousands and thousands of dollars in supplies and products. A good inventory management system is the core of nearly any business, including hospitals.

I worked as a secretary for Electronic Healthcare Systems, Inc in Pennsylvania. This innovative company provided software and technical support for inventory management systems in hospitals across the United States. This service costs the hospitals quite a bit of money and the staff was well paid but the hospital administrations paid their bills without complaint because the service is crucial to their business.

At first I was a little surprised that hospitals would need inventory management systems but when you think about it there are countless products, supplies, medicines and other items that move through these establishments each and every day. Creating a solid way of tracking the many items is well worth the time and money invested in the software.

The dedicated staff in the EHS inventory management systems worked around the clock to provide technical support to the clients. The hospital staff would have questions and concerns that were quickly addressed. Problems were rectified in a timely manner. The computer programmers hired for this business were skilled in working with people. They were also talented in the ability to put high-tech jargon into layman’s terms.

Imagine having the ability to help hospitals maintain accurate files and inventories across the country. The software provided by EHS and the technical support offered by the company’s diligent staff saved hospitals a lot of money over the years. Inventory management systems are wonderful fields to enter in this day and age. You are sure to always have employment in this career.

My time spent working as a secretary for this fine business taught me a lot about organization, inventory management systems and about people as well. Anyone who is interested in computer programming but who is afraid of working behind a desk all day should look into inventory management systems as a potential career.

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Reasons To Invest In Medical Practice Management Software

How many individuals would you say are pursuing the medical field this very instant? Believe it or not, there are quite a few. Although I personally have no interest in becoming a physician, nor do I even like hospitals, there are plenty of others who do.

Some are in it because they want to help heal others and a few are in it for the money. My guess is that most are in it for a little of both. Now, not everyone ends up in some busy rush-rush hospital dealing with car accident victims and gun shot wounds like you see on “E.R.” In fact, many doctors strive to start their own practice, away from the chaos. This means a great deal of work and planning.

My guess is some medical practice management software would come in quite handy. This is definitely worth your time if you have your own practice.

It’s not hard to find medical practice management software these days. Virtually everything you can imagine has been converted to the computer. Now I’m not complaining at all. This makes it much easier for us working folks. It’s awesome how we can handle work, banking, money transfers, and business deals via the web. It’s the epitome of convenience.

Take my job for example. I’m a writer, who spends his days on a PC or Mac. Although I have no use for medical practice management software in particular, I do take advantage of other software programs like Final Draft 7. Not to mention that I use Microsoft office constantly. I must have these things to do my work properly and efficiently.

My wife, who is an engineer, also uses software programs each and every day. Of course she deals more with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. She typically has to create flow charts, spread sheets, and occasional presentations.

Are you currently in medical school? Or maybe you’re about half way through your residency. Either way, when it comes down to it, you should probably check into some medical practice management software by the time you finish.

This especially goes for the individuals who intend on starting their own practice. Contemporary medical practice management software can make everything a world easier.

Get online and check it out now.

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Increase Your Profit With Architectural Design Software

Do you recall those fascinating home designs that you saw at your architect’s place? Weren’t they fancy? Well, if you admired his/her handiwork, maybe it is time you shifted your sense of amazement to some of the finest digital software and tools available in the market.

Yes! I am talking about architectural design software here. And boy, have they made an impact on the market.

If you are familiar with the architectural business, you would also be familiar with the image of the architect on his drawing board, working on a blueprint. Otherwise, the intern crouched in a corner working on a scale model of the proposed architectural building. Believe me when I say it.

Most people even nowadays have the very same image of architects and the architectural profession stuck in their heads. In fact, before I had the opportunity to see some of the architectural design software in action, I too felt this way. But the advent of architectural design software has changed the industry in unimaginable ways. For one thing, the capabilities of the architects have been enhanced like never before.

Now not only are they able to conceptualize complex designs, but they are also able to translate those designs into workable models thanks to the state of the art architectural design software.

In the earlier days, some of the architects who worked on multi billion dollar projects used software applications like AutoCAD to draft their designs. But with the increasing capabilities in design software, coupled with the progress that multimedia has made, AutoCAD is no longer the best way in which architects can present their work.

Clients too have evolved over the ages and all of them demand better and better architectural design software to cater to their needs. The best thing about all these kinds of architectural design software is that they are all scalable. In the earlier days, there were a number of issues with legacy systems.

As one architect favored a particular kind of architectural design software when compared to another, issues regarding interoperability of the various software frequently cropped up. But with the latest, evolved versions, scalability is inbuilt and ensures that such interoperability issues don’t crop up.

The result is obvious. Some of the better architectural constructions of the present day are all thanks to the capabilities of the architectural design software. And considering the way in which the software is progressing, it is only likely to get better!

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Keeping Your Books Straight With Accounting Business Software

Accounting business software is important for the running of your business, whether it is a small, medium, or large business or a gigantic global mega corporation. At any stage of business above the childs lemonade stand, keeping flawless records is indespensible.

There are so many things to keep track of, so that your software must be either extremely flexible, or geared specifically to your own business and its needs.

There are invoices, shipment records, employment records and employee files, payment invoices, tax forms and federal work safety forms, and many more things which an accounting business software program could, ideally, keep track of, although in practice, not all of this can be kept track of by one program.

It is best to chose an accounting business software system which offers a free trial offer. This allows you to play around with it and see if it is suitable for your needs before you implement it for your business and pay what can sometimes be hundreds of dollars. Some of these have full functionality, but only for a very limited time – maybe ten to thirty days  after the first time you use it.

Other accounting business software has no time limit, but limited function. This means that typically, you will be able to use most of its features to see how they work, but won’t be able to save your work. This can be very frustrating, because unless you are some kind of computer wiz, it is really very difficult to see just how the program works unless you have the leisure to use it to manipulate a large amount of real data in the real world, instead of just playing abstractly with the programs functions.

It is also possible if you are a large business or one in an IT field which already has a stock of programmers available to work for you, to hire a programmer to program out a software system specific to your businesses needs.

This has several advantages. One of the most important is that you will have someone in house to explain the programs functions, take feedback, correct errors, and generally taylor the program specifically to your needs and the needs of your business. Another advantage is that it won’t be burdened with a bunch of functions which you don’t need, and won’t be set up with so much flexibility, that it is hard to standardize the data and make everyone in the company use the program the same way.

This is crucial to do – if your accounting business software data doesn’t all match up and isn’t all filled out in the same way, and the same file types, then sorting through it is an absolute nightmare, and it will cripple business efficiency.

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17 inch Monitors – Are They Big Enough?

I’ve been using 17” computer monitors for years now.  I think they’re the perfect combination of affordability and functionality.  17” is large enough to provide a large graphical interface, big enough for playing games or movies, but still falling in a reasonable price range. 

The price between smaller monitors, such as 15” monitors, and 17” monitors is usually not very much, yet I’ve often found that it shoots up a lot going from 17” monitors to 19” or larger ones. 

17” monitors are also good for saving space, especially if you are using the older CRT type technology.  CRT monitors of any size are pretty darn big, and once you get into the 19” and beyond level you really need a lot of desk space to fit them.  Personally, the extra two inches of monitor size in a 19” monitor just isn’t worth the overall lack of room on my desk and the extra hassle in moving it around.

Of course, desk space is less of a problem with LCD monitors.  17” LCD monitors are extremely space effiecient, as well as 19” ones.  I’ve noticed that LCD monitor screens tend to look bigger as well.  I realize it’s a kind of optical illusion and they aren’t really bigger, but the 17” inches in an LCD seems to go a long way. 

The 17” inches is measured across the diagonal surface of the monitor, so any 17” monitors has the same screen size as any other, but LCD’s seem to use it more effectively.  Since the price on 19” LCDs is still pretty high, and the 17” monitors have become almost in line with their CRT counterparts, I think 17” LCDs are the way to go. 

I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way either.  I’ve noticed that 17” monitors seem to be a sort of standard for a lot of businesses.  For a long time it was 15”, but I really don’t see as many 15” inch monitors these days.  It seems like everyone is using a 17” monitor.  Affordable and yet still fairly big, it’s the right combination of luxury and practicality. 

If you have the money to spend, and plenty of desk space, you may want to consider an even larger monitor.  Of course, if you’re not really using any graphical programs, don’t play computer games, or ever watch movies on your computer, you have to ask yourself; do I really need it?  17” monitors are more than big enough.


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Revolutionize Your Professional Life With Acer Laptop Computers

An Acer laptop computers can revolutionize your business or professional life. I am a writer, and largely self employed, so I know. For me, I hate staying at home to work amid all of the distractions of my house – there are just too many temptations to fall victim to in the home.

But if I’d go out to work at a coffee shop, my productivity would in many ways be better, but at the expense of having to do everything in pen. This means that after I’d go to the coffee shop, I’d have to go back home again and rewrite everything typed up on my computer.

When I bought my acer laptop computers, It changed everything and made things better. It meant that I could do my work out on the town, and then come home and upload it to my clients without any bother about rewriting. This has made life a joy, and made my personal life so much better, because I can write up my work on my acer laptop computers and then meet up with a friend for a drink, or go dancing, without having to stop at home again before going.

There is no difference between work and play any more, I go around town, get business taken care of, and then dance all night.

My acer laptop computers work pretty well, but to make it really cooked, I had to change the operating system to red hat linux. The windows included slowed down my high performance computer drastically, and made it unstable.

Besides that, Windows made me vulnerable to viruses which other operating systems get rarely or never. Basically, having Microsoft windows on your acer laptop computers will cripple your productivity, like it does on any system.

It is important to take good care of your laptop. They are more fragile and more difficult to maintain then desktop computers and, because you carry them around, are more liable to be damaged. Soft computer bags are not enough, no matter how well padded they are.

Get a hard case. It is bulkier, harder to carry, and more expensive, but still, in the end, you will thank me for suggesting it. It will protect your computer as an investment, as well as all of the valuable information on it. Besides that, you must back up frequently on your computer, daily if possible to make sure you lose no information.

Perhaps you can have a home computer which you use to store backups of your data.

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How To Get Great Laptop Deals

Have you ever come across really good laptop deals? Seriously! I mean, I too have seen my fair share of those bogus laptop deals advertised in the newspapers. More often than not, these laptop deals are deals only for the unscrupulous dealer.

While they promise you the heaven and the earth, you will be lucky if you are able to get hold of a laptop that is barely functional, let alone functional to a supreme degree.

But, after a little bit of looking around, I have been able to identify some real good laptop deals. Now, unlike the deals I mentioned earlier, these laptop deals are the real thing.

Not only do they give you the best and the greatest prices on laptops, they also do so from your perspective – making sure that you get to be the winner in the war of prices. But, time and again I have wondered how the market price of laptops are far lesser than when the laptops are bought from the dealers themselves.

How exactly do these laptop deals work?

The answer lies with one company – Dell. Dell can safely be said to be the original company that brought us laptop deals. They did so by eliminating one segment of the supply chain – the one segment that had the maximum overhead, minimum direct association with the product and ate up the most profits.

This segment, what the rest of us have come to know as the middleman, is the retail segment in industry terms. And with the disappearance of the retail segment, inventory management became redundant. As did the need for an army of retailers and their associates.

Here’s how it works. When a manufacturer begins dealing directly with the consumer, they are in a position to pass on most of the savings from the retail segment to the end consumer. In a conventional distribution set up, the manufacturer sends across merchandise to the distributor. Who then adds a small margin (or a big one depending on the demand for the product!) and passes it on to the retailer or dealer.

 The dealer then adds inventory charges, stock keeping charges and yet another small margin to further inflate the original price. As such, when the product finally comes into the hands of the end consumer, it is at times, far more expensive than the manufacturer intended it to be.

But eliminate this part of the supply chain and you have a quick and ready formula for great laptop deals!

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What Are Laptop Docking Stations ?

They say that dog’s are man’s best friend, but everyone knows it’s their laptop. Laptops provide portability and usability and take up so little space. If you’re a person who is forced to use their laptop much like a desktop, you know how annoying it can be to do hours of work with that sometimes irritating touch pad and those sensitive keys.

Thankfully there is an answer; laptop docking stations.

With this piece of machinery, you’re able to have your printers, speakers, mouse, modem, and even a scanner permanently hooked up to your laptop without the hassle of plugging and unplugging the connections. This fact alone makes laptop docking stations worth their weight in gold.

There’s no telling how much energy you could save yourself if you get one of these marvels.

They are simple in design. You could describe these stations as a medium sized box with a normal opening on one side and tons of ports and holes on the other. By connecting your laptop into one of the laptop docking stations after you’ve set up the other equipment, you won’t have to fool with having to undo all the cords and plugs, if you need to make your laptop portable again. 

You’ll get many benefits aside from just saving yourself the energy you spend doing and undoing cords and plugs. With laptop docking stations you’ll be saving yourself loads of time.

Think of those 10 to 15 minutes it takes you to get every cord put back into your laptop, making sure they don’t get tangled and they’re long enough to reach. With laptop docking stations, you can just pop your laptop in and out of the opening without having to mess with the connections again.

Another benefit is usability. Whenever you want to use your laptop for a desktop, you can’t hook up a digital or handheld camera, and certainly not a flat screen monitor. With laptop docking stations you can do all that and probably a lot more. Over all, that is a very handy thing because if you’ve got images to download and all you have is your laptop, you’re out of luck.

Lastly, the final benefit is that you’re getting loads of comfort. Typing for hours and hours at a time on the made-in keyboard on a laptop can be as painful as it is annoying. Laptops are great for working in the short term, but otherwise they’re not that great. With laptop docking stations you can connect a normal keyboard, not to mention a larger monitor and regular mouse.

No matter how you look at it, laptop docking stations are a must have!

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Save Money With Wholesale Computer Parts

If you have been shopping in the market for a new computer system, you might have noticed that most branded computers today have become highly unaffordable. Sure, prices have fallen in certain sectors that contribute to the making of computers.

The prices of memory have hit an all time low due to the enhancements in manufacturing volumes of memory manufacturers. The prices of mother boards and other assorted computer innards have also fallen steeply. But the fact remains that the branded computer manufacturers are in the business to make their own profits.

 Therefore, despite the all around falling in prices that we have been witnessing, the prices of good computers have remained more or less constant!

Does this mean that a good computer system will always remain unaffordable? Not really! If you consider sourcing your computer from dealers who specialize in wholesale computer parts. Wholesale computer parts are an excellent way to source out and build your own computer.

Most people are of the opinion that wholesale computer parts are in some way inferior to the parts available in branded computers. The same was the case with me. I always believed that wholesale computer parts were a means for cheap and inefficient computer parts manufacturers to offload their inferior stock on unsuspecting customers. Until my computer broke down recently that is.

When I took it to the authorized dealer, I got a quote that was very high. Being unable to spare that much cash, and being desperately in need of having my computer restored, I grudgingly made my way to a nearby wholesale computer parts dealer.

What I saw there amazed and astounded me. This wholesale computer parts dealer has his own repair service. And when they opened up my computer and diagnosed the problem, the repair quote I got was a fraction of what the authorized dealer had given me.

I was naturally curious as to what had created the difference and suspiciously eyed the wholesale computer parts on display. But the dealer opened up my computer to show me that the replacement parts would be the very same that my existing computer had. As installed by the original manufacturer.

When I asked him how this was possible, he explained the wholesale computer parts business to me.

Apparently, most computer parts manufactures manufacture more parts than required by an order from a branded computer manufacturer. This is an in-built quality control feature in order to ensure that a sudden spurt in demand or a quality crisis can be handled quickly and efficiently.

When the order is processed without incident, the excess parts are offloaded to wholesale computer parts dealers for a huge discount. These wholesale computer parts dealers then sell these equally good computer parts for a discount to users like you and me, who know better and are willing to invest the time and effort that it takes to build our own computers.

Which means, that by buying the parts directly from wholesale computer parts dealers, we stand to make great savings!

The next time you want to go in for a computer purchase, do consider new source apart from the regular computer manufacturers. Consider sourcing out your computer from the wholesale computer parts dealers. And you’ll never regret your decision.

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