Computer Software Training

What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe you’ve always planned on being a cowboy. You know, taking on the Wild West with a six-shooter on your side and no friends, but a fast horse. Doesn’t that sound ideal? Uhh, actually now that I say it out loud, it sounds pretty crumby.

I guess the whole appeal of riding the range is not what it used to be. These days most of us are more used to riding our computer desks than anything else. This brings up an interesting topic. What about computers? Hey, this is where the future is at.

 Although folks have been saying that for years now, it’s still very true. In fact, that is the reason so many individuals are acquiring computer software training.

Are you getting the proper computer software training for a bright career? It’s not like this is a rare field anymore. Oodles of high school graduates are heading off to college in search of quality computer software training. It’s where the jobs are. Companies are always looking for more computer savvy individuals. Just take a gander at any job description.

Heck, 90 percent of them want you to have computer skills. I was surfing and just last night and spotted a number of job opportunities that specified computer software training. If you stop to think about it, this is not bizarre in any way. How many computers do you think there are in use on any given day? I would wager that there are quite a few.

Imagine every company, business and home. This is how we go about our daily lives in the modern era of technology. It’s all about software, hardware, and cyberspace. You simply can’t have too much computer software training.

Where would you go to attain computer software training? You could always hit up the local Universities. It’s simple now days because all the information you need regarding classes is online. How cool is that! A second option for computer software training is a community college. This way you can save money and keep a flexible schedule.

Furthermore, I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but you can get computer software training from your very own home. That’s right! All you need is a personal computer and Internet connection.

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Animated Mouse Cursors

Having animated mouse cursors can really do a huge amount to help you in spicing up your computer desktop. The best thing about animated cursors is that you can get them for free. There are animated mouse cursors on almost any conceivable topic, and even tools out there to help you to make your own.

For example, I used to be a great big fan of the cartoon Danger Mouse. I would always spend all day watching it as a child, and so when I grew up and moved away, I figured that I wanted to do something to remember this special part of my childhood.

I found desktop Danger Mouse themes on the Internet, and installed them to make my system look spiffy. Now, every single time that it is loading, there is an animated mouse cursor showing the flying Danger Mouse car just cruising along with the famous mouse and his loyal assistant, Penfold, driving side by side.

The mouse pointer itself is one of the animated mouse cursors. It shows Danger Mouse running along, probably pursuing some top secret mission from which he may never return.

Of course, there are animated cursors on many other topics as well. Some of the most popular, however, are other cartoons, movies, and tv shows. There are animated mouse cursors on both classics, and the modern hits. The most popular are science fiction programs, because they are just so popular with geeks.

You can get animated mouse cursors depicting Doctor Who, Star Wars, any Star Trek you lie, Babylon 5, and any other famous science fiction show or movie by the thousands. It is like almost every fan that there is out there has to make his own animated mouse cursor to show his loyalty and dedication to whatever tv show that it is.

If there are no tv shows or movies that you are particularly into, you can still probably find animated mouse cursors which fit some of your own interests. Some of the current favorites show things like faces with different expressions. When it is loading, the face will make a concerned or bored expression, or maybe start to roll its eyes, until it is finished.

Then the face will go back to its usual smile, or whatever animated cursor that you chose to be the default. There are endless hours of entertainment to be had from decorating and perfecting your computer desktop.

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Anto Virus Trial

In the days gone by the phrase antivirus probably signified some new drug or hope for the human race. But of late, each time you mention the phrase antivirus, you will only catch the attention of computer geeks. But enhance the phrase by mentioning antivirus trial, and you will catch the attention of not only the computer fanatics, but the entire humanity as well!

Viruses, especially of the computer kind, are proliferating faster than their organic counterparts. These malicious programs, which probably started life as an innocent bit of code written by a programmer with a sense of humor, have evolved into rather frightening tools capable of making the most advanced IT infrastructure grind to a halt.

This is why newer and newer antivirus programs are being written and introduced into the market all the time. But in keeping with the very nature of viruses, they are of little help in stopping all known, and as yet mutated versions.

This is where antivirus trial packages enter the marketplace. When a leading manufacturer of an antivirus program plans on introducing a new antivirus program into the market, the usual way to go about it is to offer an antivirus trial for customers.

This antivirus trial not only enables the customers to evaluate the program, but the more advanced customers can actually test the antivirus trial against several kinds of known and unknown viruses that inhabit cyberspace and in some cases, may even be able to suggest certain tweaks and changes to the antivirus trial which will make it better.

This is just one of the functions of an antivirus trial. Another purpose it serves is to enable existing manufacturers of antivirus packages lose a share of their market. The conventional manufacturers like McAfee or Norton already have a big chunk of the marketplace tied up.

But the inherent flaw in their antivirus trials is that they are customized to cater to the broadest base of the market. But some of the more highly specialized industries need custom built antivirus programs that address their specific needs. This is where the first release is often an antivirus trial geared to give exclusive customers a taste of the capabilities before building the entire package.

Think of these sort of antivirus trial programs as random samples or evaluation versions that help customers isolate and demand development in those specific fields that actually impact their business.

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Spyware Remover Programs

If you regularly or even occasionally use the internet, chances are you’ve come across an annoying and malicious set of programs affectionately referred to by computer users as ‘spyware’. 

Like ‘adware’, spyware programs track your internet usage, collect personal information, spawn ‘pop-up’ advertisements, and can even alter your internet browser settings.  Spyware generally refers the kinds of adware that are covertly installed onto your computer without your consent. 

Many spyware programs will cause your computer to slow down in its performance, and may even cause lock-ups and crashes.  For this reason I highly recommend using a spyware remover on a regular basis to help keep your computer working at it’s best. 

There are a number of spyware removers available today, and the two I most highly recommend are ‘Spybot – Search and Destroy’, made by Patrick Kolla, and ‘Ad-Aware SE’ produced by Lavasoft.  Both of these programs are available in a basic form free of charge.  More advanced forms of the programs are available for a small fee, however I have personally been more than happy with just the free versions. 

In more recent times, Microsoft has jumped into the spyware remover business and has released a free update for Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000 called the ‘Windows AntiSpyware Beta’. 

 Like all beta programs, it is in its testing stage, but is intended to be released as a free product for Window’s users sometime in the near future.  One major benefit of the Microsoft spyware remover is it is often able to detect and halt spyware as it is being installed, whereas most other spyware removers are normally only able to catch spyware after it is already on your computer.

Be wary when looking for a good spyware remover.  There are many advertisements today for spyware removers that are misleading, and there are some phony programs that actually install spyware of their own if you use them!  For this reason, its unadvisable to use any spyware remover that you see advertised in a ‘pop-up’ add, or other flashy and obnoxious advertisement, as these are often the programs to be wary of. 

Before using a spyware remover, do some research on it online, there are many online communities and forums that discuss which spyware removers are good and which ones are potentially harmful.

No single spyware remover is perfect; you may find better success with some over others.  A good overall strategy is run more than one program to increase your chances of keeping spyware free.  I run both Spybot and Ad-Aware at least once a week, and install updates for these programs whenever they are available. 

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Computer Information Systems

What is your forte? You know, that certain something that you excel and specialize in above all other things. It seems like we all have one of those. Call it God’s way of doing us a favor. One thing is for certain; probably the best field you can deal with in this modern age is computers.

Now, I don’t care if it’s computer software, computer hardware, or some money-making scheme you concocted on the Internet, computers are where it’s at. This is why it’s beneficial to acquire a computer information systems degree.

Have you taken a gander at what all is out there now days? The capabilities of our PCs and Macs simply blows my mind. It’s time to step into the new millennium, folks.

My mother now tells me that I should have considered a computer information systems degree. Okay, I will admit that this is a wonderful way to approach college; however, it wasn’t exactly up my alley at the time. Regardless, I do see where she is coming from. You can do so many different things now days with a contemporary computer information systems degree.

As any fool can tell, it definitely pays to know your way around a computer. I used to pick on my older sibling back in the day, because all he did was play on his computer. Now, you have to keep in mind that this was back in the 80s. I’m talking about a Tandy 1000 here. Yes indeed folks, this was pre-Internet. I am not even sure what all he was doing on that dinosaur of a machine.

However, later he went after a computer information systems degree, and these days he’s doing rather well. I was amazed at how fast he progressed through his schooling. It seemed like he new exactly what he was doing and finished in a flash. Today I can definitely see the benefits of a computer-based degree more clearly. Heck, it’s not like they’re going anywhere.

If anything, computers will only become more prominent. Especially considering that we already use them for so many different things. I do believe that “convenience” has become our middle name. If you are interested in a computer information systems degree, it is prudent to hop online today and check out all that’s available.

Maybe a new-age computer information systems degree is right up your alley. Get started toward a wonderful career in computers today.

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