27 Inch Television

We have a 27 inch television, and my husband now thinks that we have to go bigger. Quite frankly, I am pretty happy with the size we have, but I do think we need a new TV. The one we have is a good one, but we bought it over ten years ago.

There have been many advances in television since that time, and I think it might be time to try out some of the newer advances to see what we like the best. The size we choose might end up being decided by our budget.

A 27 inch television is a pretty standard size. For me, it is just right. It seems to be just big enough to give you a good picture while still looking like a television. My parents have a huge screen in their living room. I’m not even sure what size it is but I think it is one of the biggest you can get.

Though I think it looks great, and is neat to watch on occasion, I think it might just be too much for everyday viewing my home. It may better for watching movies, but I’m not so sure I want to watch the evening news on it. That’s why I like my 27 inch television. It’s perfect for the news and regular TV shows.

We are probably going to look at flat screens, but I don’t know about the formats. There are so many different options today that I don’t know what to do. I have glanced at the price tags of some of the newer televisions, and I have to say that we might not be able to afford the 27 inch television models I have seen.

If my husband really wants to have the 27 inch television or an even bigger size he may have to get a better job, or perhaps a second job.

If you are like us, and you are about to upgrade your television experience, remember that the quality of the 27 inch television has changed for the best, but you might not be able to afford it like you did five years ago. If you shop carefully you will get what you pay for though.

 The picture quality on the 27 inch television, and all other sizes for that matter, is better than it has ever been. Just don’t buy something you can’t tear yourself away from or you may never get anything done every again.


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32 Inch Television

There is nothing sillier than walking into a tiny living room and seeing a 32 inch television. For some people, their television set is the center of their lives. It sits there, regardless of whether there’s room for it or not, with huge, surround sound speakers. In times gone by, families used to gather around the radio. Now, it’s the TV that dominates, sitting in splendor like an altar.

I would like to have a big, flat screen set with the latest state of the art HD quality and all the digital recording gizmos, but only if I had room for it. It would be great to watch sporting events on it and movies. The way things are going, everyone will have a mini cinema in their home. 32 inch television is just the tip of the iceberg. There are even bigger screens and they’ll get bigger still. The big sets of a few years ago were really not worth buying, because the screen resolution was so poor, but that problem seems to have been solved now.

My family is usually about five years behind the times, in terms of technological development, so we haven’t even got a widescreen yet. When we watch DVDs on our set, not only is it a mere 22 inch TV but there is an annoying gap at the top and the bottom of the picture. All the DVDs sold these days, are in the widescreen format. Even more than a 32 inch television, I’d like a screen that fits into the wall. The futuristic films of the 1960s and 1970s predicted a future where we would all own big, wall screens.

I find all the techno babble very confusing. I’m not technologically minded and I need these things explained to me as if I’m seven years old. As for setting the time recorder on the DVD player, I usually manage it after a period of trial and error and recording lots of programs I didn’t want to watch. By the time we get our dream 32 inch television, it will be old fashioned and a dozen other innovations will have overtaken it.

I’m looking forward to the day when we can have one unit in the living room that serves all our entertainment and information needs. There will be one big box, built around the central 32 inch television. It will contain the computer, DVD player, internet access and games consoles. It will also answer the telephone, send faxes and make the coffee.

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Plasma Television

If you’ve been shopping around for a television set in the recent past, chances are that you’ve been astounded by the wide array of television sets available. I’m not referring to the number of manufacturers. Apart from the brand names most of us have grown up with, most state of the art television sets today come from the Asian region, from companies in China, Korea and Japan.

What I am referring to however, is the new technologies that are available. If on the one hand there are still cathode ray tube conventional televisions, on the other hand, there are innovative display systems like liquid crystal display televisions and even what is known as plasma televisions.

In the tried and tested conventional televisions that most of us have grown up with, the technology used is known as the cathode ray tube technology. A cathode gun fires electrons, which, when charged and excited, tend to form an image on a glass screen.

These images form as pixels in the three basic colors, which when combined can produce millions of colors. While the technology itself has been fine tuned and developed through the ages to give us great television monitors, there are certain limitations to what the conventional cathode ray tube television can do.

For one thing, being built of glass, the screen of the cathode ray tube or conventional television has a size limitation. Most conventional televisions which use the cathode ray tube technology are less than 42 inches in size. This size is not the height or width of the television, but the diagonal distance between one end and the other. So, the biggest conventional television you can have is around 42 inches.

Conventional televisions are bulky, restricted in image size and confined to the limitations of the box they are built in. This makes them big, and in some cases impossible to fit into your living room.

This is where newer display technologies have resulted in better, modern televisions like the plasma television. In a plasma television, the older cathode ray tube technology is left behind in favor of an atomic technology. Our ability to manipulate and control the behavior of atomic particles has also enables us to enhance our viewing experience. This is the technology that a plasma television uses.

A plasma, is a gas that contains freely flowing ions and electrons. When an electric charge is passed through this plasma, photons are released, which then provide illumination. The rest of the technology in plasma televisions is concentrated on using this illumination to create the three primary colors and to display them as images.

Just as the cathode ray tube televisions use different intensities of particles to produce differing colors, the plasma television also varies the intensity of the illumination to produce color changes. Which is why, while using a plasma television, more numbers of colors can be seen.

The plasma television removes or negates most of the drawbacks of the conventional television. For one thing, size is no longer a restriction, as the bulky cathode ray tube has been done away with. For another, bulky boxes are not required and the plasma television can be as thin as you could have imagined it.

Most plasma televisions nowadays appear more or less like works of art hanging in your living room. So adopt the plasma television today and see how innovations in display have enhanced the quality of our entertainment!

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Free Satellite TV

free satellite tv is not really free – never is it really free. According to one source, it is among the biggest myths and legends on the internet. When they say “free satellite tv”, they don’t mean free satellite tv, they mean free satellite television setup.

This means that they will come to your house, install free satellite tv equipment, such as a tv dish, and all of the wiring that you need to carry satellite televison around your house to all of your various rooms, and then you have to pay something like $20 a month for even the most basic service. More services will cost more.

One thing that is sometimes free with free satellite tv is the first month or two of viewing. They do this to lure you in and to stop you from using other peoples satellite televison services, so that you will get theirs installed right away. Sometimes they will even say that their so called free satellite tv is for a limited time only, so that if you look at their ad, you will think that you have to jump right on it immediately, or miss out on the deal of your life time.

Next time you see an ad like this on the internet, book mark it and forget about it for a month or so. Then come back to it and check on it. Chances are the ad for free satellite tv or some other special product which was supposed to be for only a short while and then go away, is still there.

Near where I live, there is a store just like that. It is a mattress and futon store and all over the front is painted with signs saying things like “closeout sale” or “up to 79% off” as if the sale is going on right now, and you better buy your mattress or futon before they are all gone. But then, if you actually go inside the store, or even look more closely at the outside, you discover that the signs of this supposedly short term and urgent sale are actaully permanently painted on the front of the store, and there is no short term sale.

So, if you want satellite television, that’s great because of all of the channels, and features, but don’t expect to be getting free satellite tv. As they always say, there is no such thing as a free meal.

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Flat Panel LCD Televisions

The TV has simply become part of our lifestyle.  We depend on these entertainment sources every day, whether it be for current events or sporting events.  The great thing is, they always continue to upgrade.  When it comes to our home entertainment, we certainly pull out all the stops. 

A prime example of what I mean are the flat panel lcd televisions.  If you don’t already have one, then I’m sure it’s on the wish list.  I recall the first time I spotted one of these beauties.  I was browsing casually through an electronics superstore and everyone was crowded in a certain corner.  Like most people, I had to see what all the fuss was about. 

When I peeked over the crowd, I was dumbfounded.  All hail the flat panel lcd television.  Home theaters have reached that next level. 

Flat panel lcd televisions are becoming more and more prominent as years go by.  They may have hit the stores less than a decade ago, but the prices are gradually coming down.  Whenever a new electronic masterpiece hits the streets, we all crave the benefits.  The fact that it’s out of reach, even makes us want it more.  Flat panel lcd televisions were definitely one of those innovations. 

The picture and sound quality offered, are amazing.  Who wouldn’t want one gracing their living room wall. 

A major attraction of the flat panel lcd televisions is the size.  We finally have a large television that takes up little to no space.  You can prop them in the corner or up against the wall with ease since they’re so thin.  However, the trend is all in the wall mount. 

It doesn’t get much more convenient than mounting your flat panel lcd television on the wall like a picture.  This only leaves you with the dilemma of where to place it.  You will likely want it in more than one room.  In addition to the compact size, the flat panel lcd televisions offer you that movie theater widescreen.  Finally!  We’ve all been waiting for this.  The trend of widescreen DVDs has been complimented with the actual entertainment systems.  

If you’re looking to purchase one of the new flat panel lcd televisions, online is a great place to start your search.  This way you can get an idea of prices versus sizes, and wall mounts, ect.  By surfing the web, you will likely ensure yourself of not getting ripped off; then when you look in an electronics store, you’ll know what’s a good buy. 

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Sharp Televisions

I’m a long time user of Sharp televisions, and I’ve always been very happy with them.  In fact the only three television brands that I can recall ever owning are Sharp, Sony, and Emerson, and the Sharp televisions I’ve had lasted the longest. 

The Sony I owned eventually died on me, but I think that was mostly because I owned it through college, carted it around in my car a lot, and generally treated it like crap.  The little Emerson 13 inch I bought as my very first television actually still works okay, but Emerson as a company just isn’t nearly as prolific as Sharp, and doesn’t have nearly as many models available in the television market. 

The two Sharp televisions that I’ve had for the longest are both CRT models.  The first one I purchased was a 20-inch model that has since been discontinued.  I’m not even sure which one it was exactly, because I gave it to my nephew when he first went away to college.  Last I heard, he’s still using it and it’s working great.  Apparently, my nephew has better TV handling abilities than I did at his age, or maybe Sharp just makes a better TV? 

More recently, I bought a Sharp 27C240, a 27-inch model that I still use a lot today.  As far as CRT Sharp televisions go, it’s a pretty basic and standard issue unit.  Good picture quality, a sleek silver finish, MTS Stereo, front and rear audio/video inputs, and easy to setup, you can’t really go wrong with this model.  It’s usually priced a little over $200 USD new, which is pretty reasonable for a TV of its size. 

Sharp televisions have really dominated the LCD flat panel TV market lately, and offer a wide variety of models in this category.  Clearly, Sharp is convinced that this is where the market is going to be in the future, and they’re trying to get there before everyone else.  Since LCD flat panel TV’s are HD capable, and HD TV is on the rise, the people at Sharp are probably wise in making a lot of LCD models. 

As I begin to look into HD TV more seriously, I’m going to be considering Sharp televisions with interest.  The newest addition to Sharps televisions is the LC-65D90U, nicknamed the ‘Aquos’, and it is nothing short of a marvel.  This 65 inch LCD beast is the crowing achievement in Sharp’s televisions, and I find myself drooling slightly whenever I pass one in the store.

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TV DVD Combo

Electronics are becoming more compact as time continues to push forward.  While we may have began with black and whites, that is certainly no longer the case.  TVs not only upgraded to color, but the screen size increased as well.  This is still common, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Sure you want high resolution and a good sized screen, but no one wants the bulk.  Entertainment centers thrive on being compact.

Whether you prefer them separate or enjoy a TV DVD combo, you have many to choose from.  There are definite advantages to purchasing a TV DVD combo.  One being the space they save.  You no longer have to bother with two separate units.  The DVD option is built right into the television.  This feature is rather ideal for those trying to preserve space.  You don’t have to worry about size, because TV DVD combos come in a range of screen sizes.  You can even get those nice widescreens with a DVD feature added to the set. 

Talk about your complete packages. 

I first encountered the TV DVD combo when browsing through Sears.  I wanted a TV for our bedroom, but my wife didn’t want it to be too overbearing.  In addition, we both wanted to be able to watch DVDs.  The result was a 13 inch TV DVD combo.  These are not expensive anymore.  They, like everything else, have dropped in price since time has passed.  Now we enjoy DVDs without the hassle of the DVD player.  You get the two-in-one remote control, which does it all.  It’s a perfect collaboration. 

When I first tossed out the idea of the TV DVD combo to my father, he said, “But what if one breaks?  That means they both don’t work.  Then what?”  I had to roll my eyes.  Come on, what if anything breaks?  You end up fixing it or buying a new one.  The fact is we’ve had ours for years and never had a problem with it. 

The sound and picture are great and the DVDs never skip.  What else can one ask for?  If you’re interested in purchasing a TV DVD combo, the best place to do some comparing and browsing is online.  You can get an idea of price and size.  Best Buy is also a great place to check when in the market for electronics such as TV DVD combos.  This way you can get a look in person. 

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HDTV Projection System

My neice really lices our hdtv projection system, because it is just like being in a theatre. It has a little projector which mixes the color and shoots them out onto a wall. The other night, we had her and all of her little friends over for a night of Disney movies along with my son and his best friends rich and tom, who are twins.

They’re really funny – they finish eachothers sentences and everything. Anyway, we turned on the hdtv projection television to an immediate chorus of “ooohhss” and “aaahhhss”. It was like actually being there, except that there wasn’t really any place as this was a cartoon. It’s hard to tell by looking at the image what the actual resolution is, but I’m sure it is quite good.

It really looks every bit as good as a movie theatre, with the advantage of being at home.

Being at home is deffinitely an advantage if your guests are as restless as mine. No less than four times during each of the movies, I had to stop the flick and turn off the hdtv projection for a break of some kind. The first was a bathroom break, then they wanted some snacks, then the twins were fighting and had to be seperated.

Kids, I swear. But it was no problem. On our last movie night, where we didn’t have a hdtv projection and decided to go to the theatre instead, you should of seen the dirty looks we had. So vicious and striking you could see them in the darkened theatre. And that doesn’t even count the woman who kept turning around every two or three minutes and saying “shush”. I swear, she made more noise than the kids.

Still you couldn’t blame her for being irritated. I would be irritated two if I was seated in front of a bunch of toddlers who, every three minutes made me walk them out with whines of “I have to go to the bathroom”. On that night, I swore I’d get my hdtv projection.

And the very next day I did. I bought it at the local electronics warehouse at a cutrate price, and immediately began to use it. Sam – that’s my son – had his birthday party in it, and there they were, a dozen tykes in the family room, oohing and aahing to the re released dvd of the never ending story. I have to remember it and cherish it forever – nothing so precious as making your kid happy

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A hdtv ready lcd is important if you want to take full advantage of your hdtv, or high definition tv. HDTV is in higher resolution than normal tv, so your old box just won’t cut it. You might as well be watching public access or just using the antennae.

Really, hdtv ready lcd is almost becoming a complete essential nowadays according to many popular studies. You just cant get too good of a resolution, and hdtv ready lcd is the best on the market at the current time.

Of course, there is always a new thing. Before hdtv ready lcd, there was a time when flat panel itself was new and very chic. Before that, just having a high resolution CRT was enough and before that – well, no reason to keep going back ad infinitem. The important thing is, to keep up with the joneses, you must have a hdtv ready lcd, or else you cant even get high definition tv.

And whats so great about high definition tv? For one thing, many many channels – more than your basic cable deffinitely. But all in all, it’s not that great. It really is hard to see which is better, high definition tv, or standard satellite tv, or even the new special cable with hundreds of channels.

I mean, we keep having this push for bigger and better, but who has the time to watch hundreds of channels. You can only make so much use of your hdtv ready lcd. But then again, having an lcd television is useful in itself.

I mean, it will last longer than your crt system that you have now, and besides that, it will produce a better image. It also uses much less power than a standard cathode ray tube, and because of this, it is much nicer to use and preserve your electricity bill at some kind of a reasonable rate.

 Who wants to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to use their big screen tv. I know that I don’t, and I’m sure that you don’t too. And besides that, many scientists think that the flat panel of a hdtv ready lcd is easier on the eyes than the rounded panel popular on other kinds of tvs.

Its really a good deal all around, so you can hardly go wrong if you think about it. I bought a hdtv ready lcd just the other week, and I’m sure happy that I did!

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