Memory Upgrades For Your Computer

Most people never really realize the components that go into making their computer work. They simply turn the machine on and let it do the work it was designed to do. It is only when the machine is not performing well that people begin to question how the machine actually works. Your PC memory or Apple memory is an essential part of how your computer performs. If you want increased speed and the ability to have several programs running, then you will need to know about Pc memory as this is one of the most cost effective computer upgrades.

The memory is expressed in terms of DIMM and SIMM. A DIMM module stands for Dual In Line Memory Module and a SIMM is a Single. The memory is used by the Central Processing Unit, or CPU, and is how the computer processes information and how it stores the information. The faster it can access information in the cache or storage memory, the faster your unit will run.

The DIMM is used for a RAM, or a Random Access Memory upgrade. Desktop computers and notebooks need this RAM and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase your memory. But you will need to know a few things before you can do the upgrade. First, a SIMM uses a 32 bit data path, whereas a DIMM uses a 64 bit data path. Initially, the DIMM is still the faster unit to have running.

If you are looking to replace the DIMM, then you need to know what you are currently using. You will have to add up your memory capacity by counting groups of chips. Chips are measured in bits so you will have to do a little math. The convert bits into bytes, the formula is the number of bits divided by 8 bytes. The resulting number is the amount of mega bytes that you are currently using.

There are a few ways you can increase the speed of your computer. You know the acronyms so now you need to know the process of upgrading. You can add and stack mother boards and stack memory module chips to minimize the amount of space but increase the memory. You can find these chips and boards at a discount computer hardware store or you can take the computer into a computer repair store and let them perform the upgrades for a reasonable fee if you feel that you cannot do the upgrades yourself.

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What Is a Digital TV Converter

The wealth of technological products currently saturating the market makes it easy to question what a digital video converter is and what it does. So many acronyms and similar products abound that the consumer is certain to become perplexed. So what is a digital video converter and what does it do anyway?

One company that sells the digital video converter is Plextor, found online at Via their website, they sell several different types of converters that do a variety of tasks. The basic principle behind the digital video converter is the same in most cases, which can make finding one and learning about it a little bit easier.

Essentially, a converter converts video into a different format. So a digital video converter, like the ones sold by Plextor, can convert video from your television into a variety of different formats that you can play on your computer or iPod, for instance. You can convert video footage from your TV into MPEG formats, including MPEG-4 depending on the converter you use, DivX and other formats that can make transporting your footage to other formats easy.

Perhaps you have been watching a favorite program on HDTV DVD and you now want to convert the format to MPEG-4 so that you can watch it on your computer or personal media player. A digital video converter allows you to do so. You can capture video and change its format from a wide variety of sources, including your VCR, DVD player, television or camcorder. This allows you to access your footage in whatever format you choose.

Transferring and recording data from your plasma LCD TV into MPEG-4 formatting so that you can share what you’ve seen is a great way to experience different types of programming and share what you’ve seen with others on the internet or through other mediums. Even Direct TV HDTV programming can be converted into DivX formatting for easy file transfer and sharing with a digital video converter.

With some digital video converters, you get a multi-format encoder that allows you to transfer the footage into multiple formats at once. This would be similar to recording on a VCR that also recorded in other formats with a single button push. With the right converter, it really is that easy. You can transfer footage from your television to DivX and MPEG-4 with just the push of a button. If you are into technological toys and gadgets, you simply must have a digital video converter.

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