What’s The Definition Of Raid?

Before I got into the IT Industry I always thought that a raid was when two neighbouring tribes or armies were at war and one attacked the other often at the break of dawn if you watch all those old war movies.

Sadly my education was a little of base and Raid in IT terms means something entirely different so in true technology explained style here is a definition of Raid for you.

RAID in case you didn’t know stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”. This describes a collection of drives which act as a single large storage system spanning all the drives in the array.

RAID technology was developed to improve upon the fault-tolerance and performance of conventional single disk storage and comes in many “flavours” with different techniques used to provide fault tolerence Mirroring, Striping etc and is predominately used in business environments.

Even some IT companies however fall into the trap of thinking that Raid is the be all and end of of redundancy and failure will never happen, much to their dismay when it does.
Oh well call in the Data Recovery Specialists.

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Internet Protocols And Your Children

Ask us to turn off our computers and throw them away and you would most probably have a riot on your hands in most households today.

A great man once said that one day there would be a computer in every household and he was scorned and derided. Fact of the matter is today we all have more computers in our home than we even realise ourselves.

So many of todays gadgets and electronics have their own tiny on board computers that all make our lives either more pleasurable or help us have fun in one way shape and form.

If I look at my own household I think things are starting to get out of hand because not only do we have the normal clutch of games machines, play station, wii, nintendo game and DS (i keep resisting the urge to go to mad) but we have our own computer network with three Pc’s and a laptop all connected. Read more »

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Solid State Drives – What Are They?

Basically, Solid State Drives aren’t new but they made a huge splash in 2007 at the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas.  They were heralded as the solution to many problems facing those of us who love portable computing. Solid State devices have been in use for commercial and military application a lot longer but the sheer enormous cost of this technology has kept it far out of the reach of  all but the wealthiest of personal computer owners.

Basically these devices are types of hard drives which do not rely on magnetic media for their memory storage.  Instead, they use semiconductors much like flash memory drives already do.  In fact, both of these storage devices use similar non-volatile memory chips.  However, the main difference between the two is that the solid state drive is not used as an external memory storage system like flash drives.  They are built to be installed internally in place of a traditional hard drive. Read more »

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