Animated Mouse Cursors

Having animated mouse cursors can really do a huge amount to help you in spicing up your computer desktop. The best thing about animated cursors is that you can get them for free. There are animated mouse cursors on almost any conceivable topic, and even tools out there to help you to make your own.

For example, I used to be a great big fan of the cartoon Danger Mouse. I would always spend all day watching it as a child, and so when I grew up and moved away, I figured that I wanted to do something to remember this special part of my childhood.

I found desktop Danger Mouse themes on the Internet, and installed them to make my system look spiffy. Now, every single time that it is loading, there is an animated mouse cursor showing the flying Danger Mouse car just cruising along with the famous mouse and his loyal assistant, Penfold, driving side by side.

The mouse pointer itself is one of the animated mouse cursors. It shows Danger Mouse running along, probably pursuing some top secret mission from which he may never return.

Of course, there are animated cursors on many other topics as well. Some of the most popular, however, are other cartoons, movies, and tv shows. There are animated mouse cursors on both classics, and the modern hits. The most popular are science fiction programs, because they are just so popular with geeks.

You can get animated mouse cursors depicting Doctor Who, Star Wars, any Star Trek you lie, Babylon 5, and any other famous science fiction show or movie by the thousands. It is like almost every fan that there is out there has to make his own animated mouse cursor to show his loyalty and dedication to whatever tv show that it is.

If there are no tv shows or movies that you are particularly into, you can still probably find animated mouse cursors which fit some of your own interests. Some of the current favorites show things like faces with different expressions. When it is loading, the face will make a concerned or bored expression, or maybe start to roll its eyes, until it is finished.

Then the face will go back to its usual smile, or whatever animated cursor that you chose to be the default. There are endless hours of entertainment to be had from decorating and perfecting your computer desktop.

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