Battery Replacement for Palm Tungsten E

The Palm Tungsten E is a great device that should provide years of service, however, you will need to replace the battery to keep it in excellent working condition. The Palm Tungsten E battery replacement is always available at Greener Tech. Greener Tech also offers a Palm Tungsten E extended battery to increase usage time between charges. The extended battery provides 500 more mAh than the standard replacement. Repair tools and instructions are also made available.

With a high-resolution screen, the Palm Tungsten E, transmits a bright, crisp, and beautiful display of its applications. It is an ultra-slim PDA that comes with the Palm Suite already completely integrated in the Tungsten E. Applications included are a calendar, memos, tasks, and contacts. Other programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available. Providing a multitude of multimedia options including a built-in RealOne MP3 player this Palm will definitely fulfill your gadget needs. You can watch videos or movie trailers, convert video file formats, and carry digital photo albums all from the “palm” of your hand.

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