Buying Used Motorcycles: What Should Consider

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The ads look so impressive, and the bike is so cool. It’s easy to get swept away and make a decision you later regret.

The excitement of buying a new or ‘new’ used motorcycle can be a rush of adrenalin. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you need in a bike so that you can make a decision you will be happy with once you’ve started cruising around. Do you need two seats, a cargo trailer or are these just on your wish list? Are you willing to compromise on certain aspects of the bike and not others? Have you thought of all the costs associated with owning a bike, have you talked with a fellow bike owner to get a realistic idea of the average upkeep cost? All this will let you make an informed decision.

When buying a bike there are two options – use a dealer or buyprivately . Both sides have points for and against. It’s really a personal choice but make sure you consider the following: Dealerships can be great in terms of helping you with maintenance andwarranty coverage. They can work out pricing plans and help you get the exact bike you want – as long as you are willing to pay top dollar. Buying privately might take some time in terms of finding the bike you want but it could be worth the wait in terms of the great deal you could make. Decide for yourself which avenue you want to explore, and beware of the pros and cons of each so you can better navigate them.

Be aware of all documents needed for purchasing a motorcycle. Check websites or visit your local DMV to make sure you know what the correct process is. Avoid and deals that don’t follow the proper process. It may be a great deal but if the bike is not transferred over to you properly it could be a nightmare so plan to have a vehicle check done for your own piece of mind.

Don’t be fooled, plan to spend some time with an experienced mechanic who can give you the inside scoop on your potential bike before you buy it. Make an appointment to see the bike in daylight. Does the bike meet the basic standards of your mechanic? Confirm the vehicle identification number on the bike by comparing it to your documents. Also check the mileage and make sure the numbers add up. If a seller doesn’t suggest a test drive ask for one. You will need to get a feel for the bike before making your final decision. Take her out for a spin of no less than half an hour to a get a good sense of how the bike moves. All these checks will ensure a smooth transition with no surprise.

There is always another bike to buy so please follow your instincts. If something doesn’t seem on the level then scrap the deal and start fresh with a new seller.

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