Buying Used Stereo Equipment

I would never have gotten into selling used stereo equipment except for my love of music. You see, few people set out to sell second hand equipment. In my case, it actually grew out of my hobbies. I have always loved music, both playing and listening to it, and by the time I made it through college I had collected all kinds of used equipment. I had processors, speakers, amplifiers, effects pedals, and receivers, not to mention several dozen musical instrument of various types.

I would buy this used stereo equipment at rock-bottom prices, and then fix up. I would keep some of it for myself. Other things, I would either give as gifts to friends, or sell. I made a tidy little profit on my cottage industry for a while, but soon I was thinking bigger. With all of that used stereo equipment, I thought I could start my own venue. I tried renting a a place for few a months, and although it was a lot of fun, we never made any money. Most of the people who we booked, you see, were punk rock bands. They had a lot of fans, but none of the fans were willing to pay more than a few bucks for tickets. It wasn’t long before we closed down.

I knew that I had to think of something to do with all of that used stereo equipment, and I had to do it fast. All of that work promoting my venue had left me dead broke. Soon, I would have to sell off my collection. Then it came to me. If I sold used stereo equipment, I could feed my passion. A lot of stereo equipment is very easy to refurbish, and if you can do it well, you can sell it for a lot more money than you get it for. Nowadays, people will bring in broken equipment and give it to me for almost nothing, and I sell the refurbished stereo equipment for a good markup. I sell car stereo equipment as well as home stereo equipment. Anything that makes noise, and quite a few things that don’t, is my domain.

The great thing about used stereo equipment, as opposed to other kinds of electronics, is that it is easy to tell whether or not it is in good shape. Used stereo equipment either works or doesn’t. If you’re buying a used computer, it might work for a few months and fall apart. With used stereo equipment, however, this is almost never the case. Usually, what you see is what you get.

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