IBM Infoprint 1352 Printer – A High Performer For Your Active Office

Today’s business workgroups must have a versatile printing operation. The printer you choose must meet your work flow requirements. Your printer must be versatile with options and features that will help you meet your business objectives. When considering the IBM Infoprint 1352 printer using IBM 1352 toner, you will experience a laser monochrome printer that quickly produces a large volume of output. For the medium to large workgroup, this printer is a good choice. It has the versatility you need for providing options such as copying, faxing, duplex and scanning. According to the feedback from its users, this IBM model meets the challenge.

There are two models of the InfoPrint 1352 printer: a base model and a network model.  This model weighs 41.5 lbs. The physical dimensions are 17.2″ wide x 20.2″ deep x 16″ high.

A 300 MHz processor powers this machine.  It can print up to a maximum of 40 pages per minute. It has a first page out time ranging from 8.5 seconds to 10 seconds. This printer has a 200,000 maximum monthly usage. IBM does suggest that you avoid printing at this monthly maximum on a regular basis. The printer has a print resolution of 1,200 dpi. Both the network model and the base model have a standard memory of 64 MB and a 320 MB maximum memory.

There is a standard input bin that can hold up to 600 sheets of paper. You can add up to four additional drawers, starting with 250 and progressing from 400 to 500, up to a 2,000 sheet drawer. However, you can only add one 2,000 sheet drawer. Duplexing is also an option that can be added.

There is a 500 sheet standard output tray that comes with the Infoprint 1352 printer. A total of three output bins can be added. A 650 sheet output expander may be added. The optional StapleSmart finisher can output 750 unstapled sheets or 600 stapled sheets. A 1,850 sheet high capacity output stacker is available to be added. You can add a five bin mailbox with each bin holding a maximum of 100 sheets.

A good selection of media types and sizes can be printed. You can print letter, executive, legal, folio, statement, A4, A5, JIS B5, universal and several envelopes sizes. Plain paper, card stock, transparencies, paper labels and envelopes can also be printed. This printer can handle weights of 16 to 47 lb bond for plain paper.

IBM no longer produces the Infoprint 1352 printer, but there are still plenty of used models for sale on the market. They are readily available on the world wide web at very good prices. You can easily find IBM replacement toner too.

You must consider certain basic requirements and characteristics when selecting a printer for your office work group. Quick speed in printing and a clean crisp output is crucial. You want plenty of output and input capacity. You want it to handle many media types and sizes. You need the options that give you versatility and flexibility like duplex and scanning. Meeting all these requirements, the IBM Infoprint 1352 printer would be a good choice.

Quality prints are provided by the IBM InfoPrint 1352 compatible toner. Online toner and ink cartridges retailers offer IBM laser toners, as well as every other type and brand, at competitive prices that seem to be making local retailers obsolete.

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Social Security Number Reverse Search Free Of Charge

The SS number is very important in the lives of Americans every day lives. The government has even made a rule that new born babies must have this number by the time they are a month old. The number is then used from that moment on until that person dies. So you have a good chance to locate someone free by SSN.


For you to be able to receive government benefits and assistance you need to have this number. The reason that they make it an early requirement is particularly with reference to the medical benefits. When you fall sick or are become hospitalized your SSN is required to filled out on the medical records. This is in fact one way to find a person by social security number at no cost at all.

You can browse through the records using the number that you have if you can access the medical records. It’s better to conduct this search if you know thte name of the person that you seek. So that when you do get a result then you can quickly cross reference it against the name that you have.

The driver’s license also require you to a social security number. If you have a driver’s license you will notice that the SSN number appears there as well. This makes another set of records that you can use to find a person by social security number. You won’t be able to get an address or contact detail from the as info connected to these files is usually kept by the DMV.

There are a lot of places where the social security number is used and if you could get all the files where they keep this number then you’ll be able to find a person by social security number free of charge. Public records can be retrieved and accessed at from the following link of government records.

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Overview of Laptop Computer

Laptop computers more popular and more widely used one, now not only businessman use laptop but also other person such as students, housewives, teachers, professionals use a laptop computer for doing many daily activities.

Laptop computer are increasingly popular, and more and more people switch to using the desktop computer to a laptop notebook computer, because now the laptop not only serves to help complete the task or the job easier and faster, but also laptop notebook computers can be used for other activities such as play games, watching film, listening to music, chat with other person, search the latest information through the Internet, and so on.

The price of laptop notebooks are as well more affordable, so that more community are able to buy and usage a laptop notebook, and as correctly there are various choices for citizens to buy laptop notebooks with dissimilar color, size, models, brand, and features since many laptop computer manufactures have launched dissimilar laptop computer notebook with latest technology every year mainly the leading manufactured business they each time update their laptop notebook with new technology to satisfied the need of customers, consequently this would benefit and allows customers to get a laptop computer in accordance with their wishes.

To reach maximum results when you desire to purchase a laptop notebook computer, it’s better if you take your time to get as much information as possible about the laptop notebook computer you desire to buy, and even better if you possess a list of types, models, sizes, price, and a new features of the laptop which would you buy, by doing this you will save period and as well bill you are going to spend in doing the selection and purchase of a laptop.

Once you get the tips to act a comparison between a sure laptop with a new laptop notebook and the one store to another store, if you do not understand the laptop computer, it’s better when you ask beforehand with another person who knows about the computer so that you are not mistakes in doing buy of a laptop notebook computer. Create sure also that the laptop computer you desire to buy it has a lowest 1-year warranty, therefore you do not need to spend extra costs in the warranty period if your laptop computer is damaged, because they are able to fix your laptop computer for free during the warranty period.

By using the well preparation in choosing and buying a laptop, then your chances to get a laptop quality, affordable and fit your needs can be achieved.

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7 Simple Steps to Look After Your Mobile Phone

Statistics tell us that around 88% or people don’t leave home these days without their mobile phones. Given that most of us rely on these ubiquitous devices every day losing one can be a disaster.

As mobile phones have become increasingly small and lightweight they’ve become easier to lose, drop or misplace. In 2008 around 200,000 mobile phones went into washing machines, around 600,000 were dropped down the loo and 55,000 were left in the back of taxis.

There is also the growing and worrying risk of theft. There are over 2 million mobile phones stolen in the UK every year. This means that around one is stolen every 12 seconds and this frightening figure is on the increase.

If a mobile phone is lost there is the initial financial headache of replacement. But there may be some significant call charges arising between the time when the phone was stolen and when it is eventually disabled. Then there are the problems that will arise as a result of losing contact details and other valuable data stored on the mobile phone.

It has been found that fewer than 1 in 5 people who rely on their mobile phones go to the trouble of routinely backing up their phone data. Even though most modern mobile phones come with software that makes it simple to transfer data from a phones SIM card to a computer relatively few people do this routinely.

So what steps can be take that will help protect us against loss or theft of our valuable mobile phones?

  1. Firstly, don’t make it easy for a thief to steal your mobile phone. Never leave your mobile phone unattended in the car and always keep it secure in a closed handback or backpack.
  2. Make certain you record the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your phone. This is a unique number associated with every mobile phone that can be used to disable the phone if it has been lost or stolen.
  3. You can set your mobile phone to only operate after a configured PIN has been entered. While it can be a nuisance to have to enter a PIN each time you want to use your phone this simple step will stop a thief from running up significant call charges on your account.
  4. Another simple step is to switch your phone to vibrate mode when in a busy public place in order to ensure that nobody else is alerted when your phone rings.
  5. You might like to engrave your name and your car registration details onto your mobile phone and its battery. An alternative is to use a system for attaching unique serial number stickers (as provided by to your phone which will help identify your phone if it is lost or stolen.
  6. Get into the habit of backing up your SIM card data as often as possible. As a general rule you should back up your phone data as often as possible which should be every day if you are updating your contacts or appointments every day.
  7. Finally, make certain that you have some mobile phone insurance that provides the protection that you need. There are differences between various mobile phone insurance policies so be certain to read the small print and ensure that the policy suits your requirements.

By following these steps hopefully you and your phone will not become part of future lost or stolen mobile phone statistics.


You may also like to protect your income with income protection and don’t overlook the need to protect other devices with some useful gadget insurance.

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Guide To Finding People In The Navy

One of the simplest ways that searches can be executed online is searching for army personnel. There are various branches of the military or defense forces and it is always better if you know which branch the person that you want is serving under. If you want to locate a person in the Navy at no cost at all I’ll enlighten you on some of the research equipment that you can put to use in the following piece of writing.


According to the amendments to the Freedom of Information Act, records of military personnel are public records and as such are open for public viewing. This is means is relatively simple to locate where members are currently serving or stationed at for those that are on active duty.

If you want to find someone for free in the Navy you can use This link will give you access to navy records and you can then search for the person that you want from there. When searching for military personnel it helps if you know the rank and service number of the person that you are trying to find.

If you want to locate a person in the army at no cost at all you can also check out Message boards is one of the features it has. You can leave a message for the person you seek and when they log on to the website they’ll get the message and be able to contact you.

In both of the places that I have mentioned you will find an option for those that want to have re-unions as well. That’s a good place to locate a person in the Navy that possibly you once served with but are no longer in the same station. Locating military personnel is quite easy as you will notice when you conduct the above searches.

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US search For People

When you’re executing a search in a certain state you quickly find yourself in a position where you “eye to eye” with more research tools and options than when you were browsing in a lot more broader scenario. The chances of locating the individual that you want are also increased. If you are interested in knowing how to find someone in Oregon then read on.

I ma sure that everyone by now knows that the telephone directory is available online in the form of the white pages. There are some sites however that have gone further and incorporated other numbers that are not listed numbers that are being used in the state to form a directory that is unique for the numbers that you will find here only You can find someone for free in the state of Oregon by using a search engine I’m sure you’ve heard of called ZabaSearch.

You might wonder why I am referring to a people search engine for your search. The reason is simple, they probably have more records that relate to the state of Oregon than any other place and if you are more likely to trace someone using one of the records that they have in their data base.

You could also try them when you want to increase your search area to include public records. They are also another option which a number of people have been able to map out people. Rather than go through the hassle of looking for public records you can access the Oregon records and search from there. This is one of the most efficient ways to find someone for free in the state of Oregon.

There are places where you can get phone numbers and addresses of people. Once you have an address you can actually search for it using Google maps to get an exact physical location of the address that you have. These are two places where you can find someone for free in Oregon.

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Finding A person’s Address

I have previously shared on how you can find anyone for free on the net and today I am expanding on some of the concepts I previously shared on this topic.

I will simpy highlight some of the most important factors . There are many methods that you could use to get someone’s address without paying anything. That said, you do need to take some time and conduct some in depth research. The type of research you can conduct basically depends on the method you want to employ.

For any agency, site or organization to be able to carry out a search they should have information with which they can use as a reference or starting point. This must essentially go beyind just the name and surname of the person. Having extra information will make the search easier and faster. What am I referring to here?

In addition to the person’s name you could either supply their social security number, or driver’s license number or credit card information or medical history if they have one. You can even try to find the birthday of the person. If you can supply any information on any record that the person has it can be checked up. These are then checked against some government records available online.

The other strategy that you could employ is that of using reverse record finders. Reverse record searches will be able to give you a person’s address by searching using their cell phone number, e-mail address or even pox box rental. Like I said before the more information that you can gather the easier the search will be.

I have given you one of the most powerful methods to employ when searching online.Just take any of the methods and use it with the information you have at hand.

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Divorce Details

Do you need a couple of ideas on how to get to look at details of a certain divorce case you are interested in. Browse through this piece of writing and acquire the answer you need.


Finding divorce records of people is hard work. How do you maneuver about it and how do you begin. In order to be able to view the details of a particular divorce record you have to go to the local office where the divorce took place. This info can be seen for free that is within particular limitations. Divorce records contain a lot of personal and sensitive information.

You will find details as to how the assets were divided, the amount of alimony paid and who took custody of the children etc. Access for a record may be restricted depending on why you want to access the records. Another difficulty is if the settlement was done in a state other than the one you are living in. The info is available to you at no cost if you are able to get into the office’s computer network.

So you might end up having to travel to view the records. If you do not want to conduct the search yourself, there is another way to shy away from that. If you want to know how to find divorce records of people, then you can try some of the online websites that offer this as a service.

You are able to view the records and retrieve them by simple making use of the online sites. There are no questions asked and you will get your information in a short space of time. This is the easiest and fastest way to get this information.

The online method is almost certainly the best for people who want to know how to find divorce records of people. You will get the outcome you want for a reasonable amount of money. All you have to do is supply the names of the couple and the state the divorce was done.

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Looking For Public Records? Read This

Whatever your reason for wanting to access the records of deceased people, this article will give you answers on how you can do this. Browse through cautiously and identify what is attached to this matter.


After the records kept by government offices were said to be open for public viewing they have become an invaluable source of information. It is now possible to be able to retrieve public records of deceased people by going to the relevant places. Since the filing of these records is decentralized there is no single government institution that you can go to and access all the information that you need.

Getting into what you want is not as easy as it seems even though viewing is at no cost at all. You could be fortunate to know the area that the person passed away in. In this case it’s a matter of simply writing or going to the government offices in that state and request that they supply you with a copy of the record.

If the person dies in a state different from the one you live in that is when it becomes all complicated. Getting the information will take time. It’s even more complex if you do not know where the person died and you just want to know if they are dead or not. In this case you would have to go through all the public records of deceased people of the entire country.

Im sure you would prefer a more faster and simpler choice in spite of the fact that this appears dull. National database records have been created by websites which have a sole reason of doing so. They have put the private sources and government records to good use.

The information they have is more reliable and is updated regularly. It’s more widespread and you will be able to access the public records of deceased people much faster than any other mentioned above.

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Locate Someone For Free From Blog

Included in the new ways of searching for people is locating a person free of charge, blog stragey. Some might be wondering how you can use blogs to locate someone but for those who do have personal blogs I am sure they have an idea how. I will go over the ways that a blog can be used to be able to find someone in the following article.A blog is or can be can be thought of as a personal website that an individual owns. It is used more for social communication rather than commercial. This is whereby an individual can express his opinions, share ideas and be heard. Other people prefer to use a blog as a diary of events or to write up a biography of their life. It does not matte what purpose it serves, you can find someone for free, blog method.

There are other blogs that provide news and commentaries on a particular subject or interests. People that read these blogs can also post their own comments and ideas on the blog as well. Some companies have blogs for their employees giving them a platform form which they can talk freely too. These are referred to as corporate blogs, and then you have the blogs that relate to a particular subject like fashion blogs, travel blogs and so on.

I am trying to point out to you the different ways you can find someone for free, blog method. If you can access a list of all the blogs then you can search through them depending on the criteria that you will choose. That is whether to search for personal blogs, corporate blogs or club blogs and so on.

It only makes sense that there should be a search engine form which blogs can be searched and it can help you to find someone free, blog method. Technorati is the leading indexer of blogs and that is one place where you will be able to find someone for free, blog method.

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