Phone Conference Calling: Why Is Older Technology Still Preferred?

For years, businesses have used conference calls to keep their businesses connected.  Before certain advancements in technology, they were forced to use phone conference calling.  This allowed them to connect other business associates who might not be in the same city, state or even country.  It kept people connected without having to worry about distance or proximity.

Audio vs. Video Conference Calling

Now, with certain technological advancements, there are new ways to connect with others.  Computers and video technology has enabled the use of video conference calls.  Many people still don’t like the new version, however. 

Video conference calling brings different aspects to the conference calling.  With video, the person has to worry about being judged on what they look like or how they’re dressed.  With phone conference calling, business can be conducted professionally and without prejudice, exactly as it was meant to be.

Phone conference calling is still prevalent among businesses even though other forms of conference calling exist.  Conference calling by phone is often cheaper than other conference call counterparts.  Businesses can conduct a conference call with other business partners or potential partners and only have to worry about the phone bill. 

Party Lines

For some businesses, phone conference calling is the best way to do business.  Conference calls via telephone aren’t used primarily for business, however.  Many social groups use phone conference calling.  They call this a party line in which like minded individuals can join without having to be in the same room, city or even the same country.

Phone conference calling brings people together without having to worry about judgment or prejudice.  People can converse, ask questions and gather information in real time, at the same time.  The use of the telephone to conduct conference calls has prevailed throughout the years despite the invention of such mediums such as e-mail and video conference calling.  The phone is still preferred by many as a way to bring others together.

Despite recent technological advancements, phone conference calling has prevailed and will continue to do so as long as people want to be connected despite being far apart from each other.

It is the perfect way for sales teams to report numbers to a sales manager.  It is the best way for managers to report to higher executives.  It is also a great way for people to meet other like-minded people, even if those people live on different continents.

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video Conferencing - What Is It?

Florida Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing allows you to communicate in conferences and classes with other people across the world, provided that they have compatible equipment. Video conferences can be set up almost anywhere, schools and colleges and more. Tampa Video conferencing staff specifically trained in managing high-level video conferencing events will service your Regus video conferencing room. Should you require equipment setup or administrative preparation for your video conferencing event, our staff has the tools and know-how required to assist. High Definition Video Conferencing systems are affordable communications solutions. Companies such as Polycom, LifeSize and Tanberg all have released new high definition video conferencing technology that puts video conferencing capability in the hands of small business.

How useful is Video conferencing? Why is High Definition video conferencing important? High definition video conferencing offers an effective and efficient solution to these problems. Video conferencing equipment, including Polycom video conferencing equipment can be found at Big U Media. If you’ve done a video conferencing equipment review and still haven’t found the best products for your business, check out Florida Video Conferencing, they can help design and implement your communications solutions.

High definition video conferencing uses several technologies including Digital technologies, as well as analog technologies. LifeSize video conferencing systems require only 512 MB worth of bandwidth to operate smoothly. Video conferencing took a serious step into mass use with the release of Microsoft Netmeeting 3.0 in 1999. Now there are dozens of software vendors marketing video conferencing software and a number of investors interested in bringing video conferencing to mobile devices. Video conferencing can be used as: A way to include off-site employees in meetings or connect a diverse group of employees. You will be able to make presentations the world over.

Video conferencing is provided over a robust network of dedicated T1 services across the state. Engineering Services maintains three video conferencing rooms that may be reserved. Video conferencing is perfect for getting to know your new client/colleague or for regular meetings. Live video keeps your participants plugged in and away from distractions. Video conferencing distance education can bridge the gap with audio and video transmissions. While video conferencing is a common tool for distance learning, distance learning and classroom video conferencing aren’t synonymous.

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Corporate Conference Calling: Keeping Businesses Connected

In today’s ever increasingly competitive global market, it has become necessary for businesses to conduct corporate conference calling in order to stay connected.  With companies continuously branching out around the world, there is no better way for satellite offices to keep in contact with each other. 

Corporate conference calls can be used to report sales figures, to inform others of company news and information and to get together every so often to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Sales Figures

Reporting sales figures is one of the major reasons behind corporate conference calling.  When sales forces are spread out around the country, or even around the world, there is no better way to ensure that everyone is performing up to par.  Not only does a conference call allow others to hear how everyone else is doing, it drives the individual teams to constantly produce in order to be seen as one of the best by their peers. 

Plus, with managers listening in, it gives the opportunity for a reprimand or praise in the presence of everyone.  This motivates everyone involved to do better and to just be their best.

Latest News and Information

Many companies use corporate conference calling to report the latest news and information pertinent to that company.  This is a much better medium for this sort of activity than other mediums such as email.  With email, the person may or may not get the message and, even if they do get it, they might not pay it much attention. 

With a conference call, everyone hears the news and information at one time.  It is as if everyone is in the same room together, even if they are at opposite ends of the world.  This is what makes the conference call so invaluable for a successful business.


A corporate conference call can also be used to just get everyone in the company together every so often.  This can be used to build morale, increase motivation or simply to ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.  It creates a pressure for everyone to want to be able to offer something valuable when all of their peers are listening in.

Corporate conference calling is a necessity for any company who wants to remain competitive in today’s business world.  It lets companies remain connected, which is so hard these days with employees spread out over several continents.  With conference calls, any report, sales meeting or information bulletin is just a phone call away.

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