Choosing Your Nanny Camera

The nanny camera is a rather wise investment for the fact that it protects your children when you are not around. It not only protects them when they are in the hands of a babysitter, but when you can’t always have eyes on the back of your head. There are so many reasons and so many scenarios in which a nanny cam is warranted that every home with children should have one.

But how stealthy is a hiden camera and, if you have one, how well is it hidden? Is there no way in this world individuals walking in your home would notice that they are being watched by these small electronic eyes of curiosity? If you say “yes,” then that is wonderful. If you say “no,” then there are some things to consider.

The first thing to consider is wireless systems if you are using a wired system and may find it to be difficult to hide the wire. Wireless systems come in different forms. For example, it can transmit to a DVR and the footage be recorded. You can also look into cameras that utilize the SD card. These are usually motion detected cameras that will only turn on when they sense motion. You can then take the SD card and play the footage in your computer.

Something else that is unique about nanny cameras is the fact that you can purchase them already built into teddy bears, baby monitors, air purifiers, and so much more. That way you can be rather “stealthy” about the placement of your nanny camera.

So if you think that there is a possibility that your nanny camera can be seen, it is time to re-evaluate the situation. And make sure you evaluate your home before purchasing cameras so that you know how you can place them to where no one will ever know they are there. You’ll feel much better when your eyes can’t be everywhere. And if something bad is happening, then you can do something about it.

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