Comcast vs Direct TV Satellite

Ever since the invention of the TV set, it has been the top media outlet in society today. In the United States alone, there are hundreds of millions of people who rely on television for both information from news and entertainment from daily scheduled programming. Today, a popular method of television broadcasting is done via cable television.

Cable television or CATV was commonly used in mountainous regions where broadcast signals are weak, so they used coaxial cables to broadcast television programming. Today, it is a common television service and in the United States there are a lot of cable providers to choose from. Unfortunately though in most areas, you will just have one cable TV company serving your area, so if you want something different, you will have to go with satellite TV. This is not always a bad thing, its a good idea to line up the companies side by side, comparing Direct TV vs Comcast.

The top cable company in the United States is Comcast, it is by far the company with the most subscribers. It also offers high speed internet service and is currently in second place and fourth place in providing telephone service. Comcast online deals are always available to first time customers. Unfortunately, they have a reputation for having the worst customer service among any company or government agency in the United States. Next is the Cox cable company which is owned by Cox enterprises. They have nearly 6 million subscribers to their cable service, internet and home phone service. They are currently the third biggest cable company in the United States. The third largest in terms of revenue is Charter TV company. In terms of revenue, they are behind only from Timewarner and Comcast. Then we have Bright House cable which is the sixth largest cable company. Most of these companies now also offer home telephone service.

Many are satisfied with the Comcast DVR packages, however if these do not catch your fancy you can also turn to satellite TV companies like Dishnetwork who also provides high definition or HD service for those who want it. The only problem being it is sometimes difficult to get Dish Network in your condo


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