Computers Are Too Violent for Youth

The more vivid the graphics, the better. All of the video game makers are now competing to get the most sales, and that forces them to use the newest technology. Sometimes characters come almost to life and the player is given so many details that most people would rather not see – like gory scenes. As fast as these stores empty their shelf-full of games is the rise of a question that are met with different reactions: Are video games too violent?

Of course, there is more than one side in conflict here. On the first hand there are people who believe that video games are ok the way they are. Their reason is that discipline depends on the player and that this would determine up to what extent the influence could be. It has become a matter of self-control and a measure of putting things into proper perspective. If people get more violent after a few hours of gaming then maybe it’s their lack of dicipline, rather than the game causing the problems.

On the other hand however, this point is the same argument as those who believe that video games are too violent. The powerful emotional response is brought on by the action and effects that is so realistic that people cant detach themselves from it. Reality is depicted as it is, and sometimes even more exaggerated to an extent, to achieve the credits for full effects without realizing that a gamer might not be able to distinguish which is happening in “real life” from those that occur only in the game.

There is an argument to be made either way, but we still don’t know if it really causes gamers to turn violent. The debate can go on, but to be helpful to gamers, there are several ways with which any retaining effects can be prevented. To start our everyone should pick a upper limit for how much they will play games daily. Games like this target people who have a hard time drawing a line between reality and the game world. Following a schedule will help you learn that discipline.

Secondly is to know when enough is enough. As soon as you find yourself too highly involved in the death of a character or in a loss against an opponent, breathe. It has the dual effect of clearing your mind and normalizing the gamers body after an adrenaline surge. Third is for parents, who are allowing their kids to play video games. At a young age, discipline should already be imbibed at this crucial formative stage. Once a child has been affected then the effects are hard to remove, so parents need to be vigilant. If you want a game that is fun and not overly violent then you should think about buy legend of zelda namely buy oracle of ages.

Being objective can be hard when you are talking about violence and tech as there are many opinions. What can be said for certain is that you need to understand video games to determine if they are too violent.

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