Copy Protected DVD

It’s no big mystery that we all love movies. This is our key source of entertainment inside and outside of the home. What, you don’t buy that statement? Think about how much time you devote to viewing films in your living room and out at movie theaters.

Probably quite a bit. Just to elaborate, I spent six years working in three different video stores. American rents a LOT of videos and DVDs. I witnessed it first-hand week after week. If you want further proof, just check with your local Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video and ask for your total rental history sum.

They can easily tell you how much you’ve spent thus far. But, get ready to cringe with regret. Folks often do. Now, one way customers seem to be getting back at the rental companies is by making copies. I know several individuals who do this relentlessly. My only concern is; what about the copy protected DVD spiel? Isn’t this against the law?

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the ad they play at the beginning of many DVD rentals. it addresses the issue of piracy and copy protected DVD laws. They are basically saying that you shouldn’t download films for free off the web, and you certainly shouldn’t make copies of your DVD rentals. After all, when you think about it, this is stealing.

You rented the DVD to view; you didn’t pay for it! Nevertheless certain folks will continue to do this with little regard for copy protected DVD laws. It would take one heck of a smack-down by the authorities to obliterate this issue, or at least cause it to die down. If people can rent DVDs and copy them on their personal computer, they certainly will if they please. A buddy of mine does this with every flick he rents online. I can’t help but laugh at the guy because he now has around 7,000 DVDs. All of which were rentals. Ridiculous huh?

Don’t forget about the fine! When it comes to copy protected DVD laws and piracy, you’d better keep that fine in mind. Isn’t it 250,000 or has it gone up? I can’t imagine being fined that sum of cash just for copying a DVD. But, I will tell you one thing, I have no interest in putting my butt on the line by making illegal copies of DVDs. I will get my flicks the old fashioned way; by paying for them.

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