Digital Editing Software

No matter what field of media you work in, digital editing software is key. When I first started out as a designer and musician, I thought that the art you created was largely independent of the media. A good artist could create good art, no matter what they were working with. A bad artist, even with the best digital audio editing software, would always produce junk. It has taken me years to realize how naïve I was at that point. The things that I believed simply were not the case. Software digital editing is the future. The way you process the image is more important than the way that you envision it.

I have been working with digital video editing software for years, but it only took me weeks to realize how important it was to the movie industry. Let’s face it: movies have gone downhill but no one has noticed. The digital editing software is so good that they can splice things together, add in special effects, alter the dialogue, alter the characters, and generally rework things at the last minute to make them appear passable. The same movies that we make today would not work without digital editing software. Can you imagine seeing the Lord of the Rings without all of the CG? No one would bother. It would be a flop!

The same is the case with most of the music that we listen to nowadays. I have a friend who is heavily involved in the recording industry, so I know what I’m talking about. He says the digital editing software is more important than the actual artists that are picked by the studios. The artists are mostly picked for their looks and their style, not for their musical ability.

All the songs are written by Independent songwriter who contract with the studious anyway. A few vocal tracks are taken from the “recording artists”, and patched together with digital editing software. I would say a good half of the pop stars nowadays don’t even know how to play music. At least a third of them could not sing the first time that they came into the studio. It doesn’t matter. With the right digital editing software, anything is possible. Digital editing software can make Britney Spears a star, just as analog editing hardware once made the Beatles a supergroup. You can be bitter about it or you can accept it, but the facts don’t change. You need the right gear to do the job.

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