Discover The Basics Of T1 Lines

Let us look now at the very basics of T1 lines and T1 circuits and how you can benefit from them in your small, medium or large business setting. You may also learn about Hosted PBX or T1 Internet Providers Atlanta as you search for a qualified consultant. Keep in mind that hosted VoIP Atlanta is not really that complicated if you have a person to bring it to a manageable level for you.
Now there may be a whole lot of terminology you are most likely not familiar with regarding T1 internet lines. Since you decided to upgrade your business in favor of technology, you should be aware of all technical terminology you are going to be spoken about. T1 circuits are not as complicated as they sound. Let’s get a little more into this figure.
A T1 circuit is a T1 internet line that is used as a high-speed connection in digital form. This may sound confusing but in fact is very simple. This is a circuit that can be used to merge voice calls and data transfers in a same sole line. Since the transmission speed of a T1 internet line is around 1.544 megabits, they are proven to be a whole lot faster than any other analog modem (hence phone lines or dial up interne).
Most providers tend to recommend this technology for businesses and not to individual. This is because the cost can be very high to afford. Remember that T1 internet lines can handle 24 channels for voice or data; or even both of them simultaneously. For this, having a T1 for a private use is rather inadequate. Considering the T1 circuits can cost around $1000 to $1500 monthly just for the services, having to pay that amount for just a sole user is quite absurd. However, if you own a office and you have not upgraded to a T1 internet line you are most likely paying around $1000 just in phone use.
Installing a T1 circuit is a very simple process. One of the ends of the circuit is placed in the web server. This way the cost is a total combination of fees from the telecommunications company and the internet service provider. If you ever wonder about using a T1 circuit you most probably found these in airports, architectural and engineering firms, call centers, hospital, banks, government agencies, hotels, manufacturers, restaurants, schools, colleges, and a whole lot of other similar institutions.
Now that you are more in depth about what these lines are all about, you can be more than sure they are the best option for your business.

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