E-mail Server Software Explained

The idea of installing email server software may have your head swimming in circles of confusion. Do not let it stress you out. It is not that bad once you know the differences in the most popular brands used to send and receive email. There are three big names in the server business and when you figure out the basic differences, you will know which one is better suited to your needs. The three most popular servers that are used are: Linux email server, Merak mail server and Kerio mail server.

The Linux email server is widely known and a good choice for email server software because it’s free to use. You do not have to register the software and you do not have to pay anything for its use. For large businesses it is the preferred server of choice. Linux is not something a newbie wants to immediately jump into using. It does require an in depth knowledge of how the system works and the programming language needed to run the software. If you do not, then you may find yourself walking in quicksand and sinking fast.

The Merak mail server is a server that is used widely in Local Area Networks, such as those used in businesses. It can be used with both the Microsoft and Linux operating systems. There are different levels of services that Merak offers and they vary, such as how many users can be utilizing the software program at one time. If you use this program, then go with version PP since it also includes the use of an email address list that everyone in the office can use to send emails.

Last on the list is Kerio mail server. This is the full service, one-stop shopping solution for email servers. It is used for corporate businesses and comes equipped with anti-spam, anti-virus and a host of other protective measures to keep your email server working in top shape. The bonus for using Kerio is that it works with Smartphones, as well as wireless, to communicate calendars and important emails while you are away from your desk.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing email server software. The first is how much it is going to be used. The second is the initial set up and the costs for doing the set up. You should also keep in mind the amount of time it will take to keep the server up and running. If it is going to be used a lot and by many people, then you may want to check into commercial grade servers.

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