Easy Online Backups Explained

We know your wondering why would you use the Internet as a backup method. Well, theres lots of reasons. First, if you back up your data on the Internet, you dont need any additional software or hardware. If you have an Internet connection, you’re ready.  Second, your files will be available to you anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.And with good security and encryption, nobody will get your data or even realize where it is.

The Internet has thousands of pedabytes of disk space available, and there are several good services you can find that specialize in Internet backup.  I pay around four bucks per month for my site and I’m backing up 30+ Gigs.  Now I have 40% of my backup allocation free which leaves me with plenty of space to for future backup at a very cheap rate.

The first step is to decide which site to use.Most providers that do free trial periods end up being more expensive overall than the providers that don’t offer free trials.So by avoiding free trials by doing a liitle legwork of your own you can save yourself alot of time.It will end up saving you a significant amount of money. With all the comparison sites, online reviews, blogs, etc. It’s really pretty simple to make a decent decision.

So now, you’ve made your decision about which service you will use. Deciding which files you need to keep backed up due to their importance (financial), sentimental value (photos), difficulty in reconstructing (music, etc.). Providers that have software to make backups easy for you also tend to be the best Internet backup providers as well. and will automatically upload files after they’ve been encrypted for security. As you can see from what we’ve gone over so far, the quality providers are the easiest to use as well.  And the best will run on all common operating systems (online backup for Windows, MAC, and Linux is what I mean here).

The reason is they want you to use their service and if it’s too tough you’oll find an easier one to use. Just as in any business the market is a competitive one and services who don’t have a rich feature set or are only providing services for Windows or MAC, etc. generally arn’t stable nor reliable and whose future existence isn’t assured at all. Therefore, make sure they support Windoes, MAC, and Linux.They will if they’re a quality provider. 

So, now that you have an overview of the concept of Internet backups, let’s review some questions for you to ask.

Do they provide free software to do the dirty work for you?

Do they provide all features on MAC, Windows, and Linux?

Can you back up all your computers with just one account?

What kind of data backup is it? How often can you back up?

Is encryption provided by default? You must insist on AES 256bit encryption to protect your data.

You have other issues that are important to you.  But these basic questions (and more importantly, the answers) will put you on the right track.

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