Free Satellite TV

free satellite tv is not really free – never is it really free. According to one source, it is among the biggest myths and legends on the internet. When they say “free satellite tv”, they don’t mean free satellite tv, they mean free satellite television setup.

This means that they will come to your house, install free satellite tv equipment, such as a tv dish, and all of the wiring that you need to carry satellite televison around your house to all of your various rooms, and then you have to pay something like $20 a month for even the most basic service. More services will cost more.

One thing that is sometimes free with free satellite tv is the first month or two of viewing. They do this to lure you in and to stop you from using other peoples satellite televison services, so that you will get theirs installed right away. Sometimes they will even say that their so called free satellite tv is for a limited time only, so that if you look at their ad, you will think that you have to jump right on it immediately, or miss out on the deal of your life time.

Next time you see an ad like this on the internet, book mark it and forget about it for a month or so. Then come back to it and check on it. Chances are the ad for free satellite tv or some other special product which was supposed to be for only a short while and then go away, is still there.

Near where I live, there is a store just like that. It is a mattress and futon store and all over the front is painted with signs saying things like “closeout sale” or “up to 79% off” as if the sale is going on right now, and you better buy your mattress or futon before they are all gone. But then, if you actually go inside the store, or even look more closely at the outside, you discover that the signs of this supposedly short term and urgent sale are actaully permanently painted on the front of the store, and there is no short term sale.

So, if you want satellite television, that’s great because of all of the channels, and features, but don’t expect to be getting free satellite tv. As they always say, there is no such thing as a free meal.

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