Front Load Washer and Dryer

Every mom knows how important it is to have appliances that work well. With busy children in the home the washing machine and dryer is usually running day after day. With a new front load washer and dryer a family can actually save both time and money.

Traditionally the machines used to wash and dry clothes were large and bulky. In many homes the laundry room was designated to the basement mainly because of lack of room on the main floor of the home. The person responsible for keeping the family’s clothes clean had to lug heavy baskets up and down the stairs. Now with the smaller size of a front load washer and dryer, a main floor laundry room is more and more common.

One of the nicest features of these new, improved and more compact appliances is that they can usually handle large loads. Some models are designed to wash and dry more clothes at one time than their larger counterparts have in the past. With a front load washer and dryer in the home, even items as big as a queen size comforter are easy to clean.

What this means to the person designated to laundry duty is less time spent in front of the machines. Bigger load size allows for more clothes to be washed and dried at one time. In the past only a few towels or bed sheets could be washed in one load. With a front load washer and dryer with a large capacity, fewer loads are the result.

Another great feature of these modern appliances is their convenience. Many sets are designed to be placed on top of one another. For a family living in a small space, this can be the difference between doing their own laundry and having to regularly visit the Laundromat. Even folks living in a one or two-bedroom apartment can accommodate a front load washer and dryer set that fits horizontally together.

The price is obviously going to vary depending on the features found on the machines. For most families a large capacity front load washer and dryer should be viewed as an investment. When you consider how many loads of laundry you are doing in the space of a year, it’s easy to see how economical these appliances really are.

After all, we all need clean clothes and if you have a laundry pair that works well and saves you money that makes the job of laundry much less burdensome.

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