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There is nothing more frustrating than finding what you think is a full game download only to find out that it is nothing but a demo. There you are, at the end of the first level and looking forward to playing the next, when all of the sudden you are greeted by a message asking if you want to buy the full version. It is such a cheap trick. You are already excited about the game, and are willing to do almost anything to get a full version download. Unfortunately, these full version downloads can be hard to find.

There are many ways to find full game downloads. Some websites advertise that, for a small fee, they can help you find the full game download of any trial version you have play. Don’t believe these websites! A lot of them are there to trick you out of your hard earned money. A full game download is only available in a few ways. You can either buy it from the person who programmed it, or you can download it off of some warez site. 

Sometimes, you can also find a full game download available on USENET but this method can take a long time. You see, USENET is huge and badly organized. Anyone can post to USENET from anywhere in the world, and all of those posts are instantly spread across the continents. If the full game download is hidden there – and they often are – it can take hours and hours to find.

You may have to browse multiple USENET sites to find the full game download, and even once you find that, there may be problems with getting it. Sometimes, USENET drops packets. Other times whole sectors of the file might be lost. Still other times, what you think is a full game download is actually nothing but a decoy. It might be a virus, or it might be a fake full game download meant to trick you. Sometimes, the companies will do this to stop you from trying to download their software. They figure that, once you waste your time finding a few fake downloads, you will give up and buy the software.

All in all the best way to get full game downloads is to copy them from someone you know. If you find a full game download from the Internet, you never know what might be in it. If you can get one from a friend, however, you know exactly what is in the file.

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