Get Your Own Email Address

It seems like only yesterday, but it has been almost ten years since I got my own email address for the first time. I remember that at that time, I was in school to learn how to use computers, but I had no idea what the Internet was or how it worked. I shook the first time I connected, and I was afraid that I would be running up my school’s bill for each site I went on. Back then Internet did cost more than it does now, and I had no idea how it was billed or what might cost money.

I know now that if you are going to be charged for something online you will be warned beforehand. In fact, you usually can’t do something that requires a fee unless you pay first. When I got my own email address, I was afraid it cost money, but then I thought that if it did, they wouldn’t leave the computers there for just anyone to come in and use. An instructor walked by and asked me what I was doing, and I said I wanted to sign up for my own email address, and he assured me that it was free and that I could go ahead and do it.

When I finally got up the nerve to sign up for my own email address, I used the first one I found. I don’t even know how I found it actually, because I doubt I knew how to use a search engine. I remember it quite clearly. It was Rocketmail, and I know that that doesn’t even exist any longer. I used my own email address a few times and then forgot about it, and when I came back online and tried to sign in to Rocketmail I got a message saying they were now owned by Yahoo. It then had me convert my email account to Yahoo. I guess that’s why I have Yahoo still to this day.

If you want your own email address, there’s no reason why you should have one. Look around for what you want. The most common free web based email providers are Yahoo and Hotmail. Both work well but I do prefer Yahoo. My husband has an email through Hotmail and I have my own email address through Yahoo, and I think mine just has a better set up. That will be up to you though. You can get your own email address through your service provider if you want to, or you can go web based. The advantage of web based is that you keep it if you switch providers. Other than that, it’s up to you and your needs.


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