Guide To Finding People In The Navy

One of the simplest ways that searches can be executed online is searching for army personnel. There are various branches of the military or defense forces and it is always better if you know which branch the person that you want is serving under. If you want to locate a person in the Navy at no cost at all I’ll enlighten you on some of the research equipment that you can put to use in the following piece of writing.


According to the amendments to the Freedom of Information Act, records of military personnel are public records and as such are open for public viewing. This is means is relatively simple to locate where members are currently serving or stationed at for those that are on active duty.

If you want to find someone for free in the Navy you can use This link will give you access to navy records and you can then search for the person that you want from there. When searching for military personnel it helps if you know the rank and service number of the person that you are trying to find.

If you want to locate a person in the army at no cost at all you can also check out Message boards is one of the features it has. You can leave a message for the person you seek and when they log on to the website they’ll get the message and be able to contact you.

In both of the places that I have mentioned you will find an option for those that want to have re-unions as well. That’s a good place to locate a person in the Navy that possibly you once served with but are no longer in the same station. Locating military personnel is quite easy as you will notice when you conduct the above searches.

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