HDTV Projection System

My neice really lices our hdtv projection system, because it is just like being in a theatre. It has a little projector which mixes the color and shoots them out onto a wall. The other night, we had her and all of her little friends over for a night of Disney movies along with my son and his best friends rich and tom, who are twins.

They’re really funny – they finish eachothers sentences and everything. Anyway, we turned on the hdtv projection television to an immediate chorus of “ooohhss” and “aaahhhss”. It was like actually being there, except that there wasn’t really any place as this was a cartoon. It’s hard to tell by looking at the image what the actual resolution is, but I’m sure it is quite good.

It really looks every bit as good as a movie theatre, with the advantage of being at home.

Being at home is deffinitely an advantage if your guests are as restless as mine. No less than four times during each of the movies, I had to stop the flick and turn off the hdtv projection for a break of some kind. The first was a bathroom break, then they wanted some snacks, then the twins were fighting and had to be seperated.

Kids, I swear. But it was no problem. On our last movie night, where we didn’t have a hdtv projection and decided to go to the theatre instead, you should of seen the dirty looks we had. So vicious and striking you could see them in the darkened theatre. And that doesn’t even count the woman who kept turning around every two or three minutes and saying “shush”. I swear, she made more noise than the kids.

Still you couldn’t blame her for being irritated. I would be irritated two if I was seated in front of a bunch of toddlers who, every three minutes made me walk them out with whines of “I have to go to the bathroom”. On that night, I swore I’d get my hdtv projection.

And the very next day I did. I bought it at the local electronics warehouse at a cutrate price, and immediately began to use it. Sam – that’s my son – had his birthday party in it, and there they were, a dozen tykes in the family room, oohing and aahing to the re released dvd of the never ending story. I have to remember it and cherish it forever – nothing so precious as making your kid happy

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