How and where to find Special Items on WoW

In the World of Warcraft, some specific items that are very much useful in the game are hidden in various locations. These said items could be sold at the Auction House or to vendors, and are definitely a great way to make more money. Here’s a quick guide on how to find special items in the World of Warcraft.

Black Lotus – The Black Lotus can easily be found in Winterspring. You’ll want to look for it near the cave of the blue dragon. While this is the best spot, you might also want to find it in the Badlands or the Eastern Plaguelands.

Blood of the Mountain – In order to find this, you must mine your way around the Dark Nodes deep in the Searing Mountains. Blood of the Mountain – This is quite important for quests later in the game and is also quite significant to those close to mastering their professions. It is one of the best-selling items at the auction house.

Dark Runes – If you would opt for only a single item, this would be the best buy. There is a high demand for this item as it is a much needed item. Killing mobs in Scholo could earn you Dark Runes.

Essence of Water – This can be found in the Felwoods, where the mobs have a very high drop rate, making it very lucrative for gamers to go after them.

Larval Acid – You can easily sell one of these for around 10 gold pieces, so this is another item to focus on. You can find it in the Eastern Plaguelands by grinding slugs. This is a great manner to earn gold fast since the drop rate is actually quite high.

Stonescale Eels – These can be pretty hard to find and you’ll need to try to get them late at night for the best results. You can find these on the coasts of Kalimdor. They are equivalent for around 1 gold piece for each one you find.

After knowing how to find special items in the World of Warcraft, you’ve got to learn how to sell them. Here are som Auction House tips:

Since you’re going to need to sell these items in the auction house for best results, it’s important to have a good strategy to make the most money. For beginners, you may want to observe for a few days. It will help you familiarize the idea of pricing and demand and how the auction works in general.

I would suggest pricing your items reasonably and at neither a price too high nor too low. There is an auction system which will instantly give a base price for you to decide whether you want to demand a higher or lower price. It’s a good idea to schedule your auctions for times when player activity is higher, such as early evening. Early in the evening is a good time as opposed to late at night ’cause a lot of other players are online at that time.

Flooding the auction house with too many similar items is bad strategy. Some players tend to leave all their accumulated items in the auction house before moving item but it’s a bad strategy. Begin selling with one from each of the more popular items you have and perhaps three or four from your more common items. If you don’t saturate the market with what you have, you’ll get a better hand of receiving better prices.

Although undercutting the prices of your competitors may seem like a good strategy, it may only ruin the market for an item. Play the game clean and keep your prices fair to do well at the auction house. This will only increase your chance of gaining enemies. To assure of a better chance of being successful at the auction house, come up with fair prices.

That’s just the gist of knowing how to find special items in the World of Warcraft but I hope you learned a lot of practical information from this article and that you get to apply it in your game. Enjoy!

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