How To Avoid Junk E-mail

I don’t know about you but are you getting fed up with junk and spam e-mail? It seems that I need to spend an ever increasing amount of time trying to sort out the junk from the real mail entering my inbox. And are’nt those little tinkers getting oh so clever with garbled junk designed to trick any anti-spam software into thinking it is a proper mail.

Just this evening alone I have won two lotteries, been offered a job (not that I have applied for any), have two people from two different countries want me to help them shift unclaimed millions from war zones and dare I say it,have had a number of e-mails from lonely women who want to speak to me – click here to view my photos…..Yeah right!!

But how many thousands of people get caught each day purely out of sheer curiosity. One of the best ways to stop junk email is to not to share your e-mail address with anybody but your closest friends.This is fine if your contact is quite casual but for those that are busy online each day this is a very hard thing to do for example, If you have an email address through your website, there may be nothing you can do about that as the little pests (yes I could use a stronger word) now use specially developed software to scour the net for open e-mail addresses.

However, you can open a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account for yourself as this will help filter some of the rubbish that seems to be on the increase. Another way to try and avoid spam is to have a number of different accounts that you use for different reasons.An example of this method would be to have one address for online signups, a different address suspect downloads, you know- the ones that ask for your e-mail to receive a free e-book or the like. And a final address for your personal contacts.

 You can also stop junk email by remembering as mentioned previously, that there are bots (internet spiders) that scan the Internet looking for exposed email addresses. This means that if you post on a message board that you need help or want someone to contact you, and you list your email address, chances are good your address will be picked up and sold to spam mailers.

If you want to stop junk email, you simply must avoid doing this at all costs or use your “suspect” e-mail address if you have no choice. Software companies ae fighting the battle on our behalf as well by developing anti-spam software that we can buy. Now I know that the cynics like me out there will probably casting the conspiracy theory vote about spam just as they did about anti-virus software but if you test against it you must be able to make it right?

As the saying goes it is always better to be safe than sorry so my advice is if you are at all unsure about the source of an e-mail, just delete it after all if it is important they will probably phone you.

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