Lazy Folks Loves The Chemex Coffee Maker

Not many people would believe you using the term easy on chemex coffee maker, for one, they are manual coffee maker, and how can this manual brewer is easy to use?

Well, ironically, chemex coffee maker although being a manual appliance, is very much easier to use than your espresso maker or drip filter coffee machines. The problems with these is the number of steps that you would need to follow in order to get the perfect coffee.

If you look at espresso machines, you would know that it involves many steps just to get a finished espresso. And any wrong steps would ruined your gourmet coffee, so isn’t that a chore rather than an enjoyment?

There is no such worry about chemex coffee maker. All you need to do is to set up the coffee brewer. Which actually meant inserting the filter paper and getting the brewer ready.

After that, all you need to do is to scoop in your favorite coffee blend, add in the hot water and then wait for your coffee drip into the funnel below and after a while, you get to enjoy this coffee.

Some people have questions about the quality on this coffee. Personally, I have tried and found the coffee to be good if not better than those from the drip filter coffee machines. Here is one thing you might like to take note, the lesser parts in a brewer also meant that they are less likely to be tainted by these parts with residual oil or stuff.

So, quality wise, the chemex coffee maker is on par, if not better than the machines. There is however, another value add of this brewer that I know no other brewer would be able to match.

That would be the cleaning of coffee makers. Cleaning and maintaining a coffee maker is very important, it is key to giving you good coffee.

No other coffee brewer is easier to wash than the chemex coffee maker, all you need to do is to rinse the brewer, flush it, dry it then keep it. I believe that the chemex is still selling well today despite competition from other sophisticated coffee machines, this ease of maintenace plays a big role in retaining its market share.

So, why do I say that this is the coffee maker for the lazy people? Well, lazy folks like me want everything easy yet they also do not want the cost to be too high. And the solution here would be chemex coffee maker.

Imagine, a brewer that is less than $30, brew quality coffee that is possibly better than the drip filter machines, is very easy to use and most important is not even a hassle to clean.

For such a deal, don’t you think it would appeal to any coffee drinkers, even the lazy folks?

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