Learn a Free Method to Repair Your Corrupt PST File

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Having a corrupt pst file is about the same as having your whole computer go down.  At least for me.  those who use Outlook should know that it is very important to always backup your pst file on a regular bases.

A PST file stores almot all your data in just this one file including your contact and e-mails as well as attachments.  If you don’t know how to make a backup of this then we urge you to look over at this Outlook PST backup page.  It has a link to the free Microsoft backup plug-in that will help ensure you never suffer if your pst file goes down.

For those that already have gotten an error you can view the above linked website for exact tips on trying to recover it.  Keep in mind that in the end if the free methods do not work then you will need to purchase some pst repair software to get the job done.Even though the software costs a bundle it's nothing compared to you loosing all your e-mails.
As you should already be able to tell the best thing to do is always have a back of any file you use a lot.  Not only on a regular basis but even after your file has gone bad.  The reason for this is you need to ensure you do not do more damage to the file.Making a backup is a must.  That way you can use multiple methods to try and get your data back without having to worry about doing more damage.

Microsoft has a free built in tool called scanpst.exe that you can try first for free.  It is a very week tool but if your issue is just in the headers of the file it will resolve your issue.  If the file is more corrupt then it won't do much for you.It will only take you around twenty minutes or so to run the free tool so it's well worth a look and it's free so it should be your first option.

As far as I am aware this is the only free repair tool on the market at this time.Microsoft in my opinion has dropped the ball a little on this and I feel thet should provide a bettter recovery tool.

If you are having an issue with your old pst file being too big and over the 2g mark then there are a number of free and paid tools out there that can help you resolve this issue.

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