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In case you don’t know just what the heck a memory stick is, we’ve got a fairly reasonable definition for you. While it’s not something that you put in your mouth to improve your memory, memory sticks are typically compared to a pack of gum in terms of appearance and size.

Put simply, these memory sticks are small devices containing flash memory that can be popped into your computer. Sony introduced these to the public in October of 1998. The majority of people simply call it a memory stick, as that seems easier than using its longer, more awkward tech name – flash memory card. Memory sticks are somewhat like people who have a family tree behind them, as memory sticks family tree is populated by a myriad of products that are capable of a wide variety of tasks. For instance the memory stick PRO, the DUO, the Micro and PRO-HG.

The PRO variation has the highest quantity of data storage, and also has the quickest data transfer rate. The DUO tends to be the smallest type of memory stick. The PRO DUO is even smaller, and the Micro is the smallest possible type of memory stick. High definition video and still cameras often use the PRO-HG format, as these require a high rate of data transfer. The PRO version of the memory stick is quickly approaching the 2 TB storage mark. Considering the fact that the initial memory sticks could hold a maximum of 128 MB, this is a fairly incredible advancement in technology. However, the 16GB was developed over the past few years and was introduced in 2008. By the way, the original memory sticks are no longer made. If you own one of these early memory sticks, it’s like holding an artifact from past technologies.

If you have an appreciation of the total history that applies to all this gadgetry we lovingly refer to as memory sticks, flash drives, or thumb drives, then you probably wonder how we come up with names, or, as it’s also called, branding. It doesn’t seem very smart to be in possession of a bunch of memory sticks hanging around when no one knows exactly who they belong to or where they came from to start with.

So enters our creative idea of branding and customizing these memory sticks, and having them be as unique to our business as each person is on a family tree. Now take a moment, and think about that idea. The potential for your name to be carried around and recognized if you include the logo of your business on a memory stick is enormous. Is this an interesting prospect to you? You can start by surfing the web for customized and promotional USB memory sticks, and the names of large companies providing them. Bring a little panache into your business.

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