My Phone Got Hit With A Chair

Although this is something that I did not manage to do on purpose it was a complete accident and I am now suffering from it.

Basically I had managed to drop my iPhone onto the floor and then had to rush upstairs for a meeting. Once back from the meeting I had forgotten about the phone so i sat on my chair and slid to my desk. After feeling a small bump I went on thinking it was the floor. it turned out it was not the floor at all.

Once I had remembered the phone was missing I went looking for it to discover it being on the floor and after inspecting it I thought everything was okay until I turned it over. The part where you insert the charger has been cracked so at the moment there is no way I can charge the phone in any way. Another problem is that I had no way of getting a new one because I didn’t have iPhone insurance.

I simply fell in love with my iPhone over the past few months and do not believe there is any way at all that I can go out and purchase another phone. I am going to have to go out and spend a lot of money to get another one. Perhaps because I am on contract they will give me a bit of a discount but I can’t see much sympathy coming from them when I haven’t for any insurance of any kind, even that gadget insurance would have sorted me out.

I am now going to go out and get mobile phone insurance as there is no way I am ever taking this kind of risk again. To go out and replace all of the things I have broken over the past few months is impossible.


So there it is

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