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The games GPS has for users range from traditional arcade and card games to interactive outdoor adventures and treasure hunts. Some games on GPS devices even combine art, filmmaking and social networking too!

This exciting niche market is just starting to evolve, with much advancement yet to be expected with GPS systems. They call this “geocaching” or sometimes “geodashing,” which has become one of the uses for GPS navigation systems that is a lot of fun.

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At, you can find some of the funniest games GPS has to put forward. For instance, “Shutter Spot” is a game where players take pictures and other players are challenged to find that exact location where the photographer was standing to take the shot.

“GeoPoker” takes the usual assembling of a card hand and adds a twist: players must first find and move a container holding a GeoPoker log to earn their virtual playing cards! “GeoGolf” has you moving from waypoint to waypoint to get your score. While this concept is new to North America, it’s expected to take off soon, with the increasing popularity of site navigation.

If you have ever watched “The Amazing Race,” then you’ve got the concept of the increasingly popular Geocaching games GPS has to play. Teams or individuals will receive sets of coordinates and will race from waypoint to waypoint, performing different tasks at each location and competing for prizes.

In their ventures, seekers often find hidden containers with inexpensive toys, keepsakes or items and log books; they then replace the item with something new and record their name in the log. To find hosting in your area, check out to see if one of the 673,265 geocaches can be found near you.

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Whether you like the GPS has created to date or not, this is just one more neat function of GPS navigation systems. The latest technological trends are in all-in-one multimedia devices that allow users to share information, create and upgrade. GPS is no exception!

“Our geocaching adventure offers something for everyone, and is the perfect activity to encourage kids, parents and friends to grab their Magellan GPS receivers, get out of the house and enjoy some family fun and adventure while taking in the natural beauty of the great outdoors.”

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