New Dodge Trucks Receive Two Thumbs Up..

How mind-bogling is it when you think about going from the new Dodge Charger in the early 90s to the new SRT10 with plenty of power Used Dodge trucks Atlanta hold their worth impessivly.
A Dodge truck with a 500+hp. Viper Motor or a Ram 3500 with an remarkable Cummings diesel power plant in this day and age. Repairing your used Dodge cars or used Dodge trucks got put on hold with a new and improved group of Dodge vehicles like the new Dodge 300M class or new Dodge Charger and of course the new Dodge Challenger with an all new unmatched Dodge Hemi. New fads vary, but for the instant, throw back look is all the hipe in Detroit. The expanded 2009 Dodge Challenger assortment competes with the corresponding retro Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro for the crown of king pony car. The impressive new look of the Ford Mustang kicked off the yesteryear styling fad among our TOP THREE, but the 2009 Dodge Challenger without a doubt takes it up to 11. The new Dodge Challenger is a head-turner that Experts say is available in several different trim levels: a top of the line, SRT8 and less expensive R/T and Special Edition models. Externally, all three share what everyone is calling Hot Wheels fashion. Thevisual appearance of the Dodge Challenger changes somewhat across the lineup, but a lot less than some other vehicles. Professionals, for instance, are happy to report the Challenger SE isn’t totally stripped of Challenger R/T and SRT8 exterior gems and doesn’t scream rent me. As for the other options, the Special Edition is closest to the early 70s that was the clear motivation for this novel generation of Dodge Challengers, while the R/T adds fog lights, 18-inch alloy wheels and a body-color rear spoiler, and the SRT8 is prominent by faux-carbon-fiber hood strips, xenon lights…a matte black deck spoiler. The amount of self-creation is accessible with the Dodge Challenger’s external features Dodge can provide you with all things from a hood with Ram air to a coil-over suspension kit that drops the car as much as 1.625 inches
The very becoming look at the inside styling of the Dodge Challenger, is not quite as exciting as the sheetmetal work, gets a pat on the back in reviews that  reviewers admire.


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