Opinion: Wii Vs. Ps3 Verses Xbox… Which System Is The Most Excellent?

There are three video game consoles on the market today that offer ultimate play for each of their relevant companies. The Nintendo Wii has been voted the greatest kid-friendly game base. The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been voted the greatest high-end gaming base, and the Sony Playstation 3 has been voted the greatest multimedia video game console. If you’re hunting a new video game base, you are probably guessing which one will be the preminent choice for you.

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Console Bliss

The Wii: The Nintendo Wii’s biggest feat is its unique motion-sensitive remote controller. Intended to emulate a TV remote to make it recognizable to non-gamers, the Wiimote sports a “sensor bar” to connect with the base. Accelerometers inside the Wiimote recognize how you are holding the contraption and how it is being handled. Gameplay is considered physically active since you’re using the Wiimote just like the instrument your persona is using in a game. With game preferences like MarioKart, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and more, the Wii is perfect for a family or group.

The Xbox 360: There is an incredible number of popular games available to play on the Xbox 360, as well as many that are only intended for this particular game. The graphics are very well done on this base, enhancing gameplay. There have been a few hardware problems with this design, but Microsoft has been working attentively to repair them. The Xbox 360 is being sold in three varieties: The Xbox 360 Arcade is the most economical and does not come with a hard drive. The Xbox 360 60 GB sports a good sized hard drive as well as some preloaded games and demos. The Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB increases the hard drive you get with the middle version, but the price tag is rather high.

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The PS3: The Playstation 3 debuted a year after the Xbox 360, with few games to its credit. Today, there are many videos to pick from, the most remarkable exclusive titles being…Metal Gear, MLB 08: The Show and Resistance 2. The visual details share the same caliber with the Xbox 360, plus the PS3 boasts a Blu-Ray player.

Online Bliss

The Wii: Online, the Wii features Nintendo’s Wii Channels. Old video game favorites can be downloaded for your enjoyment. The Mii Channel lets you create your own Mii. Some new games, like MarioKart and Super Smash Brothers, allow you to play online versus different players throughout the the globe.

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The Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 uses “Xbox Live”, but now it is integrated into the dashboard. There is a yearly charge if you wish to play multiplayer games, which is identical to what it was for the former Xbox. The Live Arcade games are properly formatted for your favorite sized screen and you can pick between the more newly updated or older classic graphics on many of them. The base can also be used to watch film rentals and television shows.

The PS3: The Playstation Network has launched, giving PS3 players a free source for downloadable games games and multiplayer choices. Solid online play exists for titles like Warhawk, Call of Duty 4 and Unreal Tournament 3. Many new games have free demonstrations on the PSN so players can test them before they buy the complete game.

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