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Since video games become popular, one of the most played has been Sega Bass Fishing. While not new to the arcade market, the new version put out by Nintendo for the Wii has sold millions of copies. This game was originally put out in the 1990s, but has evolved to a very realistic version that many have said has brought back childhood memories of a local bass tournament, or just a day at the river with friends.

The bass fishing game for the Nintendo Wii is rated E for everyone, and has several different modes, including arcade, practice, tournament and nature modes. Practice mode helps improve the player’s skill at the game, which will better prepare the player for tournament mode. Bass tournament mode allows the player to fish in ten different bodies of water, and allows the player to compete in a fishing competition.

Arcade mode is basically an original version of the game. Nature mode allows the player to casually fish in a body of water, without a time limit or any other restrictions. Whatever mode of play you choose, this game can be quite fun and offers several hours of fishing “play.” The different modes of play add to the charm of the game and will keep you from becoming bored.

Playing Sega Bass Fishing is fun and easy. You simply make a flinging motion with the Wiimote to cast your reel. Once you have your lure in the water, wiggling the Wiimote around will work the lure. Using the nunchuk to reel in the line is very simple. As you catch more and more fish, you can build up your supply of fishing tackle. The tension of the line once a fish has been hooked is easy to see with an on-screen gauge. If the line breaks, then, just like in real life, a fish will probably get away.

Sega Bass Fishing for the Nintendo Wii is a great game. It is basically a better looking version than all of the previous ones. However, the graphics do look better compared to the older games. The sounds in the game are quite cheesy, but fit the ambiance of the game quite well. The game really has no plot, but is just as fun as the original versions. The Wii version of the game is sure to bring back old arcade fishing memories.

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