PSP Software Releases and Updates

The evolution of gaming has been amazing. From the first Atari to the latest Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, graphics and software have grown in tremendous leaps and bounds. Two dimensional characters have left the game and made way for realistic movements and plenty of first person action. The scenery is amazing as well. With characters moving through a vibrant landscape, gaming software has become almost akin to virtual reality. PSP software is just an extension from the PSP system software, but it is a force to be reckoned with among portable game consoles.

One of the many things that set Sony Playstation Portable above other handheld gaming consoles is the software. Unlike conventional handhelds, such as the Gameboy, the PSP system is capable of updating itself and acquiring new software codes and security measures through its Wi-Fi connection. This connection is the very same as those found in laptops and even cellular phones.

Should the Sony Playstation Portable be unable to download the necessary PSP software needed for enhanced gaming and security, the information can be downloaded to a computer. Once it is downloaded the information can then be transferred to the PSP system via an Ethernet connection. So even the lack of Wi-Fi does not slow this gaming machine down in the least.

The amount of software updates is nothing compared to the added security and functions brought to the game. Take for example the most recent updates released by Sony. In 2007 alone there have been at least eleven updates that ranged from security measures to adding enhanced customization to the Playstation Portable, original version, and the new PSP Slim & Lite. There is now an enhanced bit-rate for gaming, as well as features to make watching videos much easier. Sony has also taken into consideration the need to make support simpler for their users by issuing a software update in October 2007.

Sony and Microsoft continue to go head to head in their battles to reign supreme in the gaming field. Perhaps one day a portable Xbox will come into the gaming community with the familiarity of major software creator Microsoft lending its experience to the design. However, until that time Sony’s PSP software is the ultimate in the hand held gaming world. While some gamers believe that nothing can outdo a computer played game for support and software, even these individuals are realizing that Sony has put some time, thought and effort into creating a one of a kind gaming unit.

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