Sharp Televisions

I’m a long time user of Sharp televisions, and I’ve always been very happy with them.  In fact the only three television brands that I can recall ever owning are Sharp, Sony, and Emerson, and the Sharp televisions I’ve had lasted the longest. 

The Sony I owned eventually died on me, but I think that was mostly because I owned it through college, carted it around in my car a lot, and generally treated it like crap.  The little Emerson 13 inch I bought as my very first television actually still works okay, but Emerson as a company just isn’t nearly as prolific as Sharp, and doesn’t have nearly as many models available in the television market. 

The two Sharp televisions that I’ve had for the longest are both CRT models.  The first one I purchased was a 20-inch model that has since been discontinued.  I’m not even sure which one it was exactly, because I gave it to my nephew when he first went away to college.  Last I heard, he’s still using it and it’s working great.  Apparently, my nephew has better TV handling abilities than I did at his age, or maybe Sharp just makes a better TV? 

More recently, I bought a Sharp 27C240, a 27-inch model that I still use a lot today.  As far as CRT Sharp televisions go, it’s a pretty basic and standard issue unit.  Good picture quality, a sleek silver finish, MTS Stereo, front and rear audio/video inputs, and easy to setup, you can’t really go wrong with this model.  It’s usually priced a little over $200 USD new, which is pretty reasonable for a TV of its size. 

Sharp televisions have really dominated the LCD flat panel TV market lately, and offer a wide variety of models in this category.  Clearly, Sharp is convinced that this is where the market is going to be in the future, and they’re trying to get there before everyone else.  Since LCD flat panel TV’s are HD capable, and HD TV is on the rise, the people at Sharp are probably wise in making a lot of LCD models. 

As I begin to look into HD TV more seriously, I’m going to be considering Sharp televisions with interest.  The newest addition to Sharps televisions is the LC-65D90U, nicknamed the ‘Aquos’, and it is nothing short of a marvel.  This 65 inch LCD beast is the crowing achievement in Sharp’s televisions, and I find myself drooling slightly whenever I pass one in the store.

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