Stun Guns Will Keep You Safe In Almost Any Case

So what the heck are these stun gun things?? Well, first of it doesn’t shoot any bullets . A Stun Gun is a device that uses a high voltage with low amperage shock. It will only take a 2-5 second shock to take down even the biggest criminal

You can get stun guns starting at 60,000 volts all the way up to 1 million volts. The higher the voltage gets the faster it will take down an attacker .

The low amperage of the device is how it can pack such a punch without killing someone. 1 amp can be fatal to a human. Most stun guns only use 2-5 milliamps and very high voltage . By using the combination of high voltage and low amps stun gun self defense products will temporarily override the central nervous system and disable the attacker but will not cause permanent damage.
Stun guns are used by press the metal prongs into you attacker . An electrical charge will then pass into the body of your attacker and bring them to their knees.

When using a stun gun on somebody it will immediately use up the blood sugar that is needed for muscles to move. The best part is that it does not matter where you touch your attacker the current will spread all through the body. These effects can last up to 10 minutes giving you enough time to get away.

The severity of the effects are determined by the amount of time the attacker is in contact with the stun gun. You can give them a quick zap to shock them and cause some muscle contractions . If you hold it to them for 3 or more seconds it will cause complete loss of control of their body and mental confusion. These effects can last for as long as 15 minutes .

A big benefit of Stun Guns compared to pepper spray is that it can be used over and over again. You may have to replace the batteries from time to time but it will not just run out like pepper spray.

There is a vast verity of stun guns out there . Some can be hidden in the palm of your hand, some have a curve, some straight and other look like flashlights or cell phones. All of the good ones have a safety switch to prevent from accidental discharge .

Over all stun guns are a smart choice for keeping your self safe and they pack more than enough punch to take down even the biggest bad guy. So if you need some serious protection than stun guns are for you.

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