Tazer Guns

As a young woman I am very concerned about my personal safety. I am not big or strong or exceptionally fast. I did take a class once in beginner’s karate but I seriously doubt that I gained enough from the class to defend myself if a situation arose in which I needed to.

If you know that you are not physically capable of defending yourself against potential attackers, what are your options? Self defenses classes can only take you so far and without natural physical strength I doubt that I would learn enough to save myself in a hairy situation. A bull dog is definitely out of the question. What about guns then?

I am not a big fan of guns myself. I have never really handled one and am not comfortable even thinking about doing so. I think that having a hand gun may only put me in more danger. I think that many situations escalate quickly because of guns and I doubt that I would know exactly what to do to ensure that the situation was diffused.

Knives are not an option for me either. I guess I am left with tazer guns. As far as my personal safety goes, I have few options that I am comfortable with. How comfortable would I be then using tazer guns to protect myself?

At the very least, tazer guns can be pretty affordable. I searched around the net and found several that were only a few hundred dollars. The only problem with tazer guns is that most of them hold only one round. After that has been spent you would have to reload and I am not exactly confident that I could do so quickly enough if I needed to.

I saw a few tazer guns that were manufactured to look just like real hand guns. I liked those a lot. I figure that if someone saw one, they would have to assume that it was a real gun and I may not have to use it at all. Unfortunately, tazer guns only shoot about fifteen feet. This sounds like a lot, but you may only get one shot so it had better go where it needs to.

All in all, the tazer gun route may be the best for someone like me. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I do want to be able to protect myself. If I get one I hope that I never need to use it and I certainly hope that if I did, the shock would be enough to drop a linebacker.


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