The History Of The Playstation Game And The PSP

Playstation History

The Playstation Portable system is a great way to watch movies and music, but its original purpose is for playing a Playstation game. The games are what drive gamers into purchasing their PSP system. The system is designed primarily for game play, but the options of movies and music do add an advantage over other hand-held gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Gameboy and the Nintendo DS.

The first Playstation game system to hit the market was unlike anything seen before. The biggest competitor at that time was Nintendo, who utilized a paltry 16-bit system. Sony, on the other hand, offered a 32-bit game system that completely blew the Super Nintendo System away. Sony made a very smart move by releasing, at the same time, a Playstation game in every genre. Games such as Twisted Metal, Philosoma and Ridge Racer helped to sell customers on the incredible graphics and ease of use. No more game cartridges either, because the Sony PSP Playstation system uses discs.

Two of the greater drawbacks of using a gaming system tha is hand hel is the lack of choice of game or the games quality. Well rest your fears, because the PSP system has both an incredibly advanced playing system (operating with two 32-bit CPUs) and a gaming library that makes other consoles hide in shame. The portable Playstation game library boasts over four hundred titles. By anyone’s standard that is astonishing. Imagine all of the power and graphics of a traditional console wrapped into the handy new playstation portable square of gaming bliss.

A Playstation game is the heart of the system. Without a vast library of games from different genres, the system becomes nothing more than an expensive dust collector. Each new version or system brings new technology to the gaming community, as evident by the new PS3, which debuted in 2007. Even the PSP Slim and Lite took gaming to another level with its new graphics and slimmer design.

It is difficult conceive of a time when video game were not a part of today’s culture. Three of the most popular gaming systems are the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo. Playstation addressed their fans with the introduction of the Playstation Portable, or PSP as well as the Playstation 3. Not only can the Playstation 3 play games but it also has the ability to play movies as well. Kids as well as adults can frequently find themselves eagerly anticipating the next release of a game. If you are one of these dedicated gamers you can find new games and movies for the Playstation 3 by clicking here:

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