The New 2009 Hybrid Escalade is Cool

The Escalade Hybrid is the perfect vehicle for consumers that want to go green and still get the luxury of a Cadillac SUV,. Maximum seating capacity in the Hybrid is 8. It is also the only full-size luxury hybrid SUV on the market. The best part about the Escalade Hybrid is that it has 50% better fuel efficiency than any other conventional model, all because of its two mode hybrid powertrain.

The Escalade Hybrid’s two mode hybrid powertrain combines GM’s Vortec 6.0-Liter V8 motor with the brand’s new Electrically Variable Transmission. The Electronic Variable Transmission has 2 electric engines and 4 driving gears.The V-8 engine in the Hybrid has the brand’s Active Fuel Management System, allowing four-cylinders to shut off in light load conditions and ultimately conserving fuel.When idling and stopping the gas engine shuts off but restarts when needed. The electric motors let the engine to run in a four-cylinder mode more often.

With light throttle, the electric motors can propel the New Cadillac Escalade up to 30 mph, but together the electric motor and gasoline engine produce 332 hp and 367lb.ft. of torque.The 300Volt battery pack is stored under the second row seats and propels the electric engines, the elecric power steering system, and the air conditioning compressor. Regenerative braking charges the batteries. The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is available in a 2 or 4 wheel drive option.  But the hybrid powertrain is only available on the standard length Escalade.

As far as towing capability, the new Cadillac Escalade will be rated to tow up to 6000 pounds with rear wheel drive and 5700 pounds with all wheel drive.  On the inside, the Escalade Hybrid has an 8-inch touch screen that showcases the hybrid drive system and informs the driver as to which mode the SUV is running in. There are also green and red bars on an economy gauge that let drivers know what zones to drive in to recieve the improved fuel efficiency.  The tachometer in the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid includes an Auto Stop reading that indicates when the gasoline engine is shut off.

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