The Ring Of Death Xbox

Have you seen the RROD? Red Ring of Death? It’s when your Xbox 360 turns into a brick and is unusable.

You can minimize your problems with your Xbox if you follow this advice.

The main situation is when the console gets too hot. Make sure your Xbox unit gets plenty of air and not enclosed inside something.

Put the unit on a hard surface like hardwood floors so that it can breathe. Do what you do with the Xbox console as you do with the power supply unit. In other words, make sure the power adapter gets some air too.

I guarantee that these two things alone will make sure your Xbox 360 console is running at it’s peak. The next thing you should do is make sure you take breaks from playing your Xbox Your Xbox will overheat if you play it too much so make sure you let that Xbox cool down and don’t play it for a few hours.

You’ll learn how to fix your xbox with this 3 red light fix review.

Some other problems include the 2 ring of death and RROD.

Here is a bit of background the on red ring of death Xbox. The red ring of death on your Xbox is when you get red flashing lights around the power button. The best is when you have green lights around your power button because that means your Xbox is working perfectly fine. Sometimes while playing for a long time, when you’re about to frag someone, your Xbox will freeze.

The reason for this is that the Xbox is not getting enough air and is getting too hot. Another big issue is called the E74 code. The bottom right quadrant on your Xbox flashing red when you get a E74 code. Unfortunately, the warranty for the Xbox doesn’t cover the E74 error.

Here is where you can see the 360FixKit.

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