Tips For Newborn Baby Photos

A cute baby photo is worth a thousand words, but you can make them priceless with a few simple tricks. Does it upset you to lose a great moment because of an underexposed shot? Forget about spending big bucks on camera equipment or professional photos.

Your baby changes quickly during the first year, so the way you take funny baby photos will have to change as well. Newborns don’t move much so they will have to be posed. However, natural is always best so take the picture with them lying down. Once your baby begins to hold his head up independently, take pictures of them at their eye level.

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This will give you more expressive pictures. This is especially important once they sit up and are moving around. Taking great, cute babies photos requires some patience. Waiting until a baby is clean and calm is the best time to take pictures for baby photo gallery.

Some parents prefer not to use a flash when taking newborn baby photos, so make sure you have sufficient light in the room. Lighting is critical to a good picture. Too little lighting and you won’t see enough detail; too much lighting and the picture will look washed out.

If you aren’t using an automatic camera, then you can compensate for lighting conditions by adjusting the exposure, although most consumer cameras don’t have this option. Never put a bright light behind the baby, such as sitting them in front of a window or a lamp. The camera will focus on the light and the subject, your baby, will appear dark or in shadow.

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Keep an eye on lighting outdoors as well to avoid squinting or shadows that obscure the face. If your camera has a high speed sync for the flash, use it. Otherwise, the flash on most digital cameras uses 1/60th of a second for their flash.

Baby portraits done by a photographer in a studio can be very expensive and aren’t very interesting. To get fun and unique new baby photos , do something with your child that you both enjoy. Visit a garden, go to the zoo or take a walk in the park. This is especially wonderful in the fall when vibrant colors are at their best.

To make sure your baby is happy and comfortable, be sure that you pack food, a blanket, toys and extra diapers. Always keep an eye out for great photo opportunities like a local carnival, a pool party or even a trip to the library. Just remember to keep your gorgeous baby the focus of every shot.

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Baby photos make precious keepsakes that will last a lifetime so make them personal and special. By taking pictures in fun and interesting locales, not only are you getting great shots, but you’re creating a chance to bond and experience things with your baby. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy these beautiful mementoes and be proud that you were able to create them yourself.

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