Universal Remote Control

Men love remotes. There is no way around it. If something has a remote, my husband will get it just so that he can control it. The problem is that we end up with fifteen different remotes and we don’t remember what half of them go to any longer. Not only that, my daughter likes to hide them, and she always ends up hiding the ones that we really do need. We have gone out quite a few times to buy a universal remote control but so far, we have not found one that can do it all.

The first universal remote control we got was by far the worst one. It was too small, and you had to look through some long booklet to figure out how to program it. It did not have enough features, and it did not take the place of the remotes that we have in our home. It wasn’t so much a universal remote control as it was a pain. It turned a few things on and off, but it didn’t do much more than that.

The next universal remote control we got worked very well, but there were still some things missing. We have things set up strangely though, and I’m not sure there is a universal remote control out there that can handle it. My husband has things set up so that one thing goes through the VCR and the other goes through the DVD player, and I am quite honestly very confused most of the time. If I wanted to play a VCR tape I had to hit six buttons on six different remotes, including the universal one. It didn’t seem like it was doing what it was meant to do.

When we signed up for digital cable they gave us a great universal remote control. It goes with the system, and it was very easy to program in the rest of our stuff. We can control the surround sound, television, DVD player, VCR, and the cable box all very easily. There are still a few things that we have to do by hand, but for the most part, this is by far the best universal remote control that we have had in our home. We have been able to put away almost all of our other remotes, and this one is large enough to find no matter where we may absent mindedly set it down.

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