What Are The Different Types of Headphones

Headphones are universally recognizable and are known by such names as ear phones, headsets, and stereo sets.  They can be plugged into many audio devices such as stereos, mp3 players, CD players, the Walkman and a personal computer via an output device called a jack. 

With all these uses, headphones may seem like a modern innovation, but have actually been around since the invention of the telephone.  However, because of the weak signal, one could barely hear the sound frequency emitted from the headset. Today, however, ear phones are a sophisticated and complicated device that have been refined to give you a full, rich listening experience.
Headphones have one main function: to enhance the music you love, and deliver it to your ears as conveniently as possible. Convenience often takes a backseat to technology, with the consumer compromising their personal lifestyle just to have the comfort of the best headphones. Well, good news is here! Manufacturers have a diversity of headset styles to accommodate your lifestyle. Canal phones, Supra Aural phones, ear buds, and Circumaural phones each provide unique benefits.

Canal phones are the unsung heroes of listening technology. Shaped like thumbs, they are made from silicone and fit snugly into the ear. The main advantage of this style is that the shape completely blocks out any background noise interference. This is also safer, because elevating volume in order to remove background noise can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Ear buds are the most commonly used headphones. Popularized in the 1990s, ear buds are just that – electronic “buds” that clip onto the ear. Disadvantages include interference with your eyeglasses, and the fact that outside noise is not completely blocked out.

Curcumaural phones are probably the most luxurious of all the headphones.  Large, soft, and cushy, they encompass the entire ear in a noise-sealing pillow. These are most commonly used in studio recording, while some music enthusiasts just love them for their superior sound quality.

Supra Aural phones are the second most commonly used phones. This is the basic style that all of us can remember from way back. A plastic band, spanning over the head, connects the ear phones. These come in two styles: over the head, and back of the head. Back of the head  phones are best, because they do not interfere with a person’s hair style.

So with all the choices of head phones available – canal phones, ear buds, curcumaural, and supra aural – there is sure to be a set of headphones just right for you.

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