What’s The Definition Of Raid?

Before I got into the IT Industry I always thought that a raid was when two neighbouring tribes or armies were at war and one attacked the other often at the break of dawn if you watch all those old war movies.

Sadly my education was a little of base and Raid in IT terms means something entirely different so in true technology explained style here is a definition of Raid for you.

RAID in case you didn’t know stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”. This describes a collection of drives which act as a single large storage system spanning all the drives in the array.

RAID technology was developed to improve upon the fault-tolerance and performance of conventional single disk storage and comes in many “flavours” with different techniques used to provide fault tolerence Mirroring, Striping etc and is predominately used in business environments.

Even some IT companies however fall into the trap of thinking that Raid is the be all and end of of redundancy and failure will never happen, much to their dismay when it does.
Oh well call in the Data Recovery Specialists.

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