Your College Students Are In Danger Keep Them Safe With Pepper Spray

Summer is now over and kids are heading back to school . They many mean different things to different people . If you’re a parent that’s sending their child off to college there is no doubt you have some fears in mind. There is nothing wrong with it; as a matter of fact it is perfectly normal. You have brought them up since they were little and done everything in your power to make sure they live a safe life . Once they’re off to college it is up to them to make sure they are safe. They no longer will have you right there making sure they take the right steps.

Most colleges are pretty big and can be considered a melting pot of many different types of people. Most people are there with good intensions of developing their lives and bettering themselves. However, there are always a few bad seeds mixed in with the bunch. With different factors such as drugs, alcohol, and stress this could lead to an unstable place to be .

For the most part colleges do a pretty good job keeping students safe but when you think about it there is normally a few thousand students and maybe 100 security guards trying to protect everyone. This setup works pretty good in most cases well but year after year there is a substantial amount of crime that takes place on school grounds . These include robbery, sexual assault, and harassment just to list a couple of them . The chances of a crime happening to your child are not huge but the risk is always there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to strike fear into everyone . The point of this article is to make sure you are educated on your choices for keeping your children safe. If you have read anything else I have written you know I am gung ho when it comes to stun gun self defense weapons . For today I want to talk about two of them that could safe your child’s life .

First I would like to talk about personal alarms . They are one of those self defense products that you don’t hear to much about . They are very simple and very effective. If you don’t know what a personal alarm is here is a short explanation for you . They are a small electronic device that normally attaches to your keychain. They have a button on them to press in case of an emergency. If the button on the unit is pressed it sounds an extremely loud alarm . The idea behind the device is 2 things, to scare off the attacker and alert people that there is an issue . They are extremely simple to use and very effective.

The best part about personal alarms is how simple they are to operate. If you can use the remote for your car to unlock the door you can use a personal alarm. They also do not come with any of the negatives that can be part of using pepper spray or a stun gun. When you are using either pepper spray or a stun gun there is the chance that it can be taken away and used against you. They are by no means bad methods of self defense they just have a higher risk. If you want to get a cheap and effective safety solution for you child this is the perfect product for you .

The next up for self defense choices is Stun Guns . More than likely you have seen some other things I have put out about pepper spray . I won’t lie; I’m kind of a nut when it comes to the stuff. It is very flex able and there are so many different types you can get . You can choose almost any type and get some great results .

There are also a few myths about pepper spray that I would like to shed some light on . A lot of people believe that pepper spray is dangerous chemically engineered substance that poses a lot of risks to anyone it is used on. They could not be further from the truth . To put it simply, it is a very refined extract of red pepper . It can be dangerous if the person it is used on has repertory problems or if used in extremely large amounts but most of the time it is perfectly safe.

By using a small bottle of pepper spray someone can bring an attacker to their knees from up to 15 feet away. If your child finds themselves in a situation with an aggressive attacker all they have to do is push down on the top of the bottle and they will gain the upper hand. The best part is this will give them anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to escape and find help.

In my opinion pepper spray is the best choice for anyone that needs protection . The many shapes and sizes it comes in make it perfect to take anywhere. Your child can use a small best pepper spray to keep on their key ring. They could even have a slightly larger bottle to keep in their pocket, purse, or car. There are also several different types including bottles that look like pagers, tubes of lipstick, or even walking weights. As you can see there is defiantly a solution for any college student when it comes to pepper spray.

Both of these self defense products are very effective and both carry their advantages and disadvantages. So if you have a child that is going off to college this year do the right thing and keep them safe . It will make you feel much better about the safety of your child and I’m sure they will as well.

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